Everyone has their favourite perfumes, those signature scents that make them feel like themselves and give them a quick boost. So how can you get the most out of each spray?

Allbeauty gives you 10 tips to make your perfume last even longer, so you can smell as fresh as a Marc Jacobs Daisy or shine as bright as an Armani Diamond all day long.

1. Put perfume on skin that is clean and dry.

Always put on your perfume right after you get out of the shower and dry off. The steam from the shower opens the pores in your skin, which lets the scent work the way it’s supposed to. And what better way to start the day than with a fresh spray of scent?


Moisturizing should always be a part of your daily skin care routine, but making sure your skin is well hydrated also helps it absorb perfume better. To get the most out of your perfume, choose a body lotion with no scent or, even better, one with the same scent as your perfume.


Most of the time, your pulse points are warmer than the rest of your body. If you spray your perfume on these places, the scent will travel farther and stay in the air for longer. Some of your pulse points are: your wrists, behind your ears, inside your elbows, and the backs of your knees.
You can also spray your cleavage and ankles with perfume. Some people also find that perfumes spread better if they put it on the tops of their ears. It sounds weird, but it works.
Read this guide if you’re a man who wants to know how to get the most out of your aftershave.


Your hair is a great way to carry perfume. Spray a little on your freshly washed and dried hair or on your hairbrush to spread the scent more evenly.
You can also use a special hair perfume. Learn more about perfumes and hair mists here.


After putting on perfume, most people rub their wrists. By doing this, the perfume will actually wear off faster, so you’ll have to reapply it sooner. Spray it on your wrist instead and let it dry on its own.


If you spray your perfume too close to your skin, you might get a lot of droplets in one spot and an uneven scent. Instead, hold the perfume bottle a few inches away from your skin, ideally between 6 and 7 inches. If you have a small bottle of perfume without a spray, you can use the bottle stopper or the neck of the bottle to put the perfume on your pulse points. As much as possible, try not to use your fingers. You can also buy an atomiser to make it even easier to spray your perfume while you’re on the go.


When it comes to perfume, this is very true. Some perfumes are very light, but others have strong bouquets that can be too much if you put too much on at once. Check to see if the fragrance you want is an Eau de Toilette, an Eau de Parfum, or a Parfum. Each of these has a different amount of fragrance in it. Heavy perfumes should be sprayed lightly. As a general rule, you should only use one or two sprays and reapply as needed as the scent wears off. But be careful when you reapply, because your nose can get used to the smell and make you think your perfume is gone when it isn’t. If in doubt, ask your bestie!

You can make your perfume last longer when you wear it, and you can also make it last longer in the bottle. This gives you more value for your money and more time to enjoy your favourite scent. This is how:


Shaking the perfume can also allow air to mix with the scent and make it last less long. Unlike a martini, perfumes don’t like to be shaken or stirred, so keep the bottle still to make it last longer.

9. Keep your perfume in the bottle it came in.

The designs on perfume bottles are so pretty that you probably won’t want to store them in anything else. However, putting your fragrances in different containers can let air get into them, which can change their chemical makeup and make them smell different. Keep your perfume in the bottle it came in instead.

10. Put your perfume somewhere cool and dark.

When the temperature or humidity changes, perfume can break down. Instead of putting your perfume in the bathroom, put it in a cool drawer and keep it out of direct sunlight. Do you need to buy more perfume or are you looking for a new signature scent? Allbeauty has great prices on the best perfumes for men and women.


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