Doja Cat without makeup: 16 looks you may have missed


We’ve all heard of Doja Cat, and we all know that her songs and lyrics are weird. But did you know that Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini is her real name? She is from the United States and sings, raps, and writes songs. Not many people know that she dropped out of school to become a well-known rapper and singer, which was her dream.

Doja Cat is one celebrity who doesn’t mind being seen without makeup while others in the entertainment industry are busy launching their own makeup and skincare lines.

Doja Cat’s No-Makeup Look

Here are 16 times when her no-makeup look was absolutely perfect.

1. Instagram Live

Many celebrities only go live on Instagram when they are dressed up and ready, but Doja Cat is used to going live on Instagram without any makeup and with her hair in a bun.

2. White spaghetti

Not only does Doja Cat look at ease in this picture, but she also seems very sure of herself. When celebrities are seen without makeup, they are often harshly trolled, but she doesn’t seem to care, and we’re here for it.

3. Selfie with the cat

When it comes to taking selfies, Doja Cat is just as sure of herself. We’ve all done it: as soon as we opened the front camera, we closed it again. But if you’re Doja Cat, you don’t do that. Because Doja Cat is pretty even when she doesn’t have any makeup on. She is posing here with a black cat.

4. Blurry Pikachu

The well-known rapper and singer has over 23.3 million Instagram followers who like his profile. But that doesn’t stop the star from posting the occasional funny photo. This blurry picture of Pikachu got more than 4.1 million likes and 29,100 comments.

5. Picture of Red Underwear

This is yet another sign of how sure of herself Doja Cat is. She posted this picture of herself with red lingerie on, slouching and making a funny face. “Don’t make me make a scene, baby lol ” was written next to the picture.

This got more than 3.6 million likes and over 19,500 comments, most of which were positive and fun.

6. sure about their acne

Acne is known to make people feel less confident and less valuable, but not Doja. This selfie shows her posing with confidence and not trying to hide her acne stars. People who are going through something similar might feel a lot better after reading posts like this.

7. Just hanging out

Here, she looks like she’s just hanging out, maybe because she’s having a bad day. But most of us would think twice before posting this kind of picture on social media. This is another example of how stars can make their fans feel good about their bodies.

8. Bright by nature

There’s nothing wrong with putting on makeup and looking nice. When people look at celebrities without makeup and say bad things about them, that’s a problem. But Doja’s bright look without makeup shut up the haters!

9. Naked look

In this selfie, Doja Cat is dressed and ready to go. But it doesn’t look like she has any make-up on. Even if she is, it isn’t much because her scars are clear. This shows that the only thing you really need to carry yourself is confidence.

10. Strange tales

Doja’s hair is usually styled or pulled back in a ponytail in most of her pictures. But here, as she poses in a half-zipped jacket, her long, beautiful hair is free. This look with no makeup is definitely one for the record books.

11. Blond Doja Cat

It’s clear by now that Doja Cat is beautiful even without makeup. She isn’t afraid to post pictures of herself making funny faces, though. This picture shows how many different kinds of clothes she wears. In this picture, she seems to be wearing a white and black top and a blonde wig.

12. Eyes open while sleeping

Doja put up another great picture on Instagram a while ago. Here, she’s sleeping on her bed with a blanket over her and her cat sleeping near her feet. The next set of pictures get closer to the cat and then to her face while she is half asleep. The picture had the words “sleeping with our eyes open” written next to it.

13. Sleeping selfies

Doja posted a series of close-up pictures of her face while she slept before she posted a picture of her sleeping with her cat. In another set of pictures, she was stretched out on the couch and fast asleep. She wrote in the photo’s caption, “Sleep is good for the genitals, and because of it, I have an IQ of 560.”

14. Making TikTok again

Doja Cat doesn’t just feel fine showing her skin on camera. She put up a video of herself making a new version of an old video. She put a video of the TikTok remake on her Instagram. It got over 6,000 comments and more than 1.2 million likes.

15. Lipsyncing TikTok

Doja Cat put up another TikTok and wrote “Don’t walk out” as the caption. She has on a pink jacket with a lot of fluff and pink cat ears. “How I learned to lip sync as realistically as possible for the Billboard Awards” is written on the video. As usual, she looks gorgeous in her natural style.

16. Golden oldies

What better way to wrap up the article than with a flashback? Here’s a picture of the rapper from a long time ago, where she’s posing with confidence.

This shows that the actress has felt good about herself for a long time. Her looks with no makeup are not new. She’s always been sure of how she looks and what she wears, and it shows every time.

influence on fans in a good way

This kind of body positivity and confidence is great, especially in a time when people are easily judged and trolled. On the Internet, everyone feels like they have to look a certain way. But we are all different in our own ways, and it can be very freeing to accept that.

Doja Cat’s natural looks should remind us to be ourselves, even if some people don’t like it. It’s important to be true to ourselves, and anyone who agrees with this motto is welcome to join the cause.

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