6 Fun Facts About Jade Gemstones


Are you interested in adopting a new type of gemstone that you’ve never heard of before? If so, jade would be a great one to consider.

Jade is a unique gemstone that you can find in several different colors and types. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, this article will tell you about its nature and its uses. This way, you can consider whether or not it would be a good investment for you.

If you’re fascinated by jade gemstones and would like to learn more, read on and explore the facts, trivia, and fun facts about jade!

1. The Name Originated From the Spanish

Its name originates from the Spanish, who named it piedra de ijada or “stone of the loins.” It refers to its soothing and healing properties when held against the abdomen. It is widely used in jewelry and carvings and is believed to bring good luck and promote a peaceful mind.

2. Jade Is the National Gemstone of Vietnam

Jade is the national gemstone of Vietnam and is highly prized by the Vietnamese people. Many believe it to be the color of money and luck in the region. The Vietnamese people have an appreciation and reverence for jade and its properties of wealth.

3. They Come In Two Varieties

Jade gemstones come in two varieties, jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is harder than nephrite and has a glossy finish.

It can range from bright green to white and can occasionally have a yellowish tint. Each color has different symbolism and meaning. You can check the white jade meaning and see if it works for you.

Nephrite, on the other hand, usually has a subtle, waxy sheen and a more earthy, muted tone than jadeite. It has a higher density than jadeite and is thought to be the oldest and rarest of the two gemstones.

4. A Symbol of Love and Eternity

From ancient times, the Chinese viewed jade as a talisman against evil and a symbol of eternity and unity. It was even believed that only married couples could touch the stone because it was thought to bring luck and protect their love.

In Buddhism, jade is a stone of fidelity and immortality, representing the higher ideals of true and lasting love. The energy of high-quality jade supports relationships and helps to overcome relationship blocks.

5. Jade Gemstones Are Durable

Jade stones are considered one of the most durable stones available, which is a great option for jewelry and other crafts. It’s known to be quite hard but retains its shape and color over time. It has been used for centuries as a precious stone in jewelry, carvings, and more.

6. A Manifestation of the God of Rain

For the Aztecs, the gemstone was a manifestation of the god of rain. As a symbol of purity, they would adorn their goddess with jade that they believed would help bring fertility to the world. In some regions, jade was even used to guarantee a safe pregnancy.

Jade Gemstones Meaning and Attributes

Jade gemstones offer an array of unique benefits, such as their strong healing potential and ability to promote balance and harmony. With its adaptability, strong connection to the earth, and history within many cultures, jade ensures its relevance in the future.

Since jade was first discovered centuries ago, it has been a popular stone used in jewelry and other items. With its many unique attributes, it is clear why jade is such a valued gem.

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