How to hide an AirTag from Apple on your bike (and why you should)


Apple AirTags are great, and I put them on almost all of my valuable things, including my bike.

Bikes are awesome, but what’s not awesome? People who want to take your bike.

Having a good lock or even more than one lock will be your first line of defence against someone stealing your bike. But if someone steals your bike, you can use modern technology to help you get it back.

And the Apple AirTag is about as modern as it gets.

What is an AirTag?

Apple’s way of keeping track of your things is with an AirTag. It is a small device that looks like a button and runs on a battery. It “pings” nearby iPhones to tell you where it is.

Apple planned for AirTags to be used to find things like keys, bags, and other things. But because of how small they are, how long their batteries last, and how accurate they are, they are great for a lot of different things, including tracking your bike.

How will an AirTag prevent someone from stealing my bike?

Not at all.

Your first line of defence should be a good lock and tying your bike to something stable when you’re not using it.

If your bike gets stolen, an AirTag will help you find it. The AirTag will send pings to nearby iPhones wherever your bike goes. This lets you use the Find My app to find where it is.

Also, they both kept track of their things with Apple AirTags. Only one of them worked out.

Don’t thieves know that AirTags are hidden on bikes and won’t they try to find them?

Of course.

But the thing is, a thief who steals your bike doesn’t want to be too obvious by sticking around the crime scene looking for a hidden AirTag. It could be in any number of places. Also, some ways of putting an AirTag on a bike require special tools to take it off. Again, a bike thief might not want to wait around long enough to start taking parts off the bike.

Could more than one AirTag be attached to a bike?

Yes. In fact, a thief might give up after finding one and leave the other one on the bike to help find it.

How do I attach an AirTag to my bike?

You can do two things.

First, the AirTag can be hidden on the bike itself: You could tape it under the seat, hide it somewhere in the frame tube (there are usually a few holes for this), or put it in your saddle bag.

The second option is to put the AirTag in something and attach that to the bike: There are a lot of custom holders out there that let you hide an AirTag on your bike inside something else.

Let’s look at some things you can use to attach an AirTag to your bike and hide it. Most bikes and e-bikes should be able to use these devices, but it’s a good idea to check your bike and the holder’s specs before you buy.

TUSITA holder for the rear reflector and AirTag

This red reflector on the back of a bike looks like any other red reflector, but it holds an AirTag.

  • Discreet
  • The reflector looks like any other one.
  • works with a large number of bikes
  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with the Garmin Varia intelligent tail light system

Stouchi bike bell AirTag holder

It’s a bike bell with an AirTag inside.

  • Nice ringing bell
  • Helps keep AirTag dry when it rains
  • fits a lot of different bikes.
  • Simple to use

EFEALL AirTag handlebar post mount

This is one of the least obvious ways to put an AirTag on your bike.

  • Discreet
  • looks like it fits right into the frame.
  • Weatherproof
  • AirTag doesn’t send or receive messages.

GRAPID AirTag mount

This mount is made to fit the frame and screws on.

  • It fits under the water bottle holder, so it doesn’t stand out.
  • Security fasteners are used.
  • Weatherproof
  • Fits any bike that can hold a water bottle holder (which is pretty much every bike)


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