The first Crazy Cazboy’s shop in Texas has opened in Arlington!


Crazy Cazboy’s, a buzzy discount emporium that debuted in a former Tom Thumb on March 26 at 5425 S. Cooper St., has sparked a trend of price reductions in Arlington.

Crazy Cazboy’s is a membership-only business that offers almost anything, including electronics, food, health & beauty, pet supplies, baby goods, and sports.

This might include Christmas cards, cosmetics, turmeric pills, home pregnancy kits, laptop covers, garbage bags, Hanes underwear, hair on the face scissors, Burt’s Bees hand lotion, dog treats, outside lights, glue sticks, beds, and the occasional Apple watch.

The concept would get its inventory from retailers such as, Target, and Walmart, so it is continuously changing.

The fact that prices fluctuate daily is what makes it such a bargain-paradise hunter’s and a location you must return to daily.

Beginning on Friday, the following occurs:

• Friday – $7

• Saturday – $5

• Sunday – $3

• Monday – $2

• Tuesday – $1

• Every Wednesday, twenty-five cents

The shop is closed on Thursdays and completely replenished with fresh products.

According to a press release, this is the first site of this cheap company in Texas, but the sixth nationwide. Locations include Guntersville, Alabama, Pensacola, Florida, and Columbia, South Carolina. However, the Arlington shop is the biggest to date at 41,140 square feet.

John Cassimus, the former founder of the also-popular Zoe’s Kitchen restaurant chain, conceived the concept.

Casssimus stated in a statement, “We provide the most extreme discounts on the best items on the market, and consumers travel an average of 35 miles each day to visit our shops.” Now, we are thrilled to provide this membership-based shopping experience to the Arlington, Texas area.

Cassimus thinks that shoppers will be astonished by the room, the quantity of merchandise, and the steep discounts.

“Shopping at Crazy Cazboy’s is unquestionably an event, and we’re thrilled to bring our wacky, entertaining, absurdly low prices to Texas,” he says. It will likely be a fun time, you will save a lot of money, and you will not want to miss it!

Customers should download the Crazy Cazboy app before to visiting the store. Before you enter, you will be scanned into the system to help monitor the number of consumers who have already shopped.

You are not authorised to wear coats within the shop, nor are you permitted to carry purses or bags.

Once inside the store, you may browse as many items as you want, and at checkout, you will have the option of purchasing either a $15 annual membership or a $5 daily shopping ticket.

Additionally, you may shop using the application at any time.

There is a product called as Crazy Cazboy Bins available online around the clock. Visit and then click the link labelled Crazy Cazboy Bins. All 50 states within the United States are eligible for free shipping on orders over $30. There is no membership need to search online.

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