Butt pillow: Here are 10 reasons why you should use


Okay, stop giggling. We will be talking about butt pillows, yes. The main thing we’ll talk about is why you should drop everything and get one right now. Okay, maybe don’t drop everything, but here’s why you should think about adding one to your comfort arsenal.

1. Keeping your posture in place

Your back is where posture starts. Using a well-made butt pillow when you sit down is a great way to not only look good but also keep your spine and joints in a healthy position. Sitting with bad posture for a long time can cause pain or discomfort in the long run. That’s why one of the most important things you can do to take care of your body is to sit in the best way possible.

2. Ease sciatica pain or keep it from happening

Pain from sciatica is really a pain in the buttocks, legs, and lower back. Most of the time, this is caused by your back vertebrae pinching or putting pressure on your sciatic nerve. There are many things that can cause the severe pain, but one of the most common is sitting on an uneven surface for a long time. This can be avoided if you watch your back and protect it the way it needs.

3. Stop the pain in your lower back

Lower back pain can make it hard to do the things you need to do every day. When you sit on a well-made cushion, the muscles, tendons, and vertebrae in your lower back will be able to relax because you won’t have to move around as much to get comfortable.

4. Make work a little less difficult

Many of us spend eight hours at work sitting in office chairs provided by our employers and looking at fluorescent lights. And let’s be honest, the business didn’t go all out to make sure the seats were comfortable.

If you have your own cushion, those hours will fly by as quickly as if you were working on a cloud. Okay, maybe not, but being as comfortable as possible makes your day a little easier.

5. Recovering from a workout

A big part of taking care of our bodies is working out. Not only does it make you look and feel great, but it also helps your body, including your circulatory system, stay healthy. But sometimes you can feel a little bit sore afterward. When you work out hard, your glutes, hip joints, and back can be some of the muscles that hurt the most. Use your pillow to relieve stress and pressure on your cheeks. It’s like getting a massage for your cheeks!

6. Help after surgery

If you’ve ever had surgery on your lower body, like for a hernia, your prostate, or after giving birth, you know how much you take a comfortable seat for granted. An ergonomic support is made to be small and unobtrusive, so you can take it with you wherever you need or want it.

7. Hemorrhoid Relief

No one wants to talk about their haemorrhoids, except maybe that one weird coworker you try not to talk to. But they are a part of life, and a lot of people have to deal with them. Using a good butt cushion will relieve you of unwanted pressure and make the whole process of getting better a lot easier. They’re also a lot less obvious than those big inflatable rings from the pharmacy that everyone loves.

8. Keep the Pains of Traveling Away

When you’re driving, you can sit for hours at a time.

Making sure your back and hips have the right support can make the whole trip a lot easier. This also keeps your hips from getting stiff, so you’ll be ready to move as soon as you get to your destination.

9. Take care of your hips

It can be hard to find a comfortable way to sit. Unconsciously, we might start to move a little to the side or even curl our legs under us to sit. This can put a lot of stress on the joints, tendons, and muscles in the hips. This extra wear and tear can change the way we walk or the health of our joints in our lower limbs in the long run. Using a butt pillow will help you feel so comfortable that you won’t want to sit in any other way.

10. It really just feels good.

As if you needed another reason, giving yourself the comfort you deserve is a surefire way to feel good and enjoy where you are in the world. If you have a good memory foam butt pillow, you will always feel like spoiled, rotten royalty. Give yourself the best you can, whether you’re pampering yourself or taking care of your health.

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