Eight of the World’s Most Expensive Jewellery


There are jewellery items that are so fine, over-the-top, insanely pricey, and rare that nothing else will suffice for individuals who are used to extreme luxury and have the resources and means to appreciate the most delicate things in life. These are the most costly known pieces of jewellery. You […]

Why and how to use hair toners?


Do you worry about your coloured hair losing its shine? Try putting a toner on your dyed hair. A toner does more than just bring out the wrong colours in your coloured hair. It also makes your hair stronger and gives it more volume. To get the look you want, […]

How to apply red wine on face?


Red wine is used for more than just drinking. It also has numerous skin benefits. Applying red wine to the face can assist to increase the suppleness of the skin and give it a healthier appearance. Here’s how to apply red wine to your face, step by step. How to […]

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