Pierre booed before to surgery.


Who is Pierre the boogeyman? The public was more familiar with Pierre Boo than Pierre Amaury Crespeau as a direct consequence of his social media handles including it. On his Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, he uses the moniker Pierre Boo. He is now 31 years old. Pierre Boo entered […]

Why and how to use hair toners?


Do you worry about your coloured hair losing its shine? Try putting a toner on your dyed hair. A toner does more than just bring out the wrong colours in your coloured hair. It also makes your hair stronger and gives it more volume. To get the look you want, […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Damp Hair


Just the thought of having wet hair can make you think of being clean and fresh. Even though it feels great to have clean hair, you might not know that this is the time when your hair needs the most care. Read on to find out more about damp hair […]

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