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How to Dress for a 1920s Party: A Style Guide

Flapper Girl Dresses

During the 1920s, parties were big and bold. Everyone there looked their best and felt like they were kings and queens. While men wore suits, women wore daring outfits and flapper costumes to stand out.

Dresses with flapper styles were very popular in the 1920s. When women wore them, they felt confident, and men loved to see them worn.

Even though the 1920s are long gone, a flapper dress is still the most beautiful and fun thing to wear to a party. Nothing is better than a steamy period piece that is sure to blow people away.

Flapper outfits are a little hard to put together. Some people don’t know what kind of flapper clothes they should wear. You’re lucky that this style guide is here to help you out. We show you how to look your best at your next 20s party, from the classic flapper dress to more stylish and risky options.

Why women wore dresses with flaps:

In the 1920s, the flapper style of dress became more and more popular, and it was at its peak in 1925. These dresses were worn by female entertainers to catch the attention of the crowd and add flair to their shows.

Even though most flappers were young women, some older women also wore this style of dress.

Flappers were easy to spot because they had flat breasts, short skirts, and high necklines. The waistline was also brought down, making the dress look longer. (Click here to see more dresses from the 1920s with a drop waist)

Dresses that look like they came from the 1920s are a way to look good today. In modern times, women of any size or shape can wear any style of flapper dress.

Flapper costumes and dresses came in many styles.

Flapper dresses are their own style of dress, but they can be made in many different ways. Some are more traditional and stay true to the original style.

Some are made to be more sensual and sexy than the original flapper design, showing more skin.

No matter what style you choose, make sure it is comfortable and something you like to wear.

Classic dresses in the flapper style

The classic flapper style is loose, slinky, and moves as you walk. It usually ends at the middle of the thigh or an inch or two above, and the tassels go down to the middle of the knee.

The tassels, which are pieces of string that hang off the dress, are either at the end of the hem or all over the dress. It makes a nice trick of the eye and adds to the flapper dress’s sophisticated look.

The classic flapper and dress styles were made to make the body look longer. This is why the waist is lower and the tassels hang down lower on the body.

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Flapper costumes and dresses are great for 1920s-themed parties where everyone has to dress in theme. They are light, easy to move in, and look great on.

Flapper Dresses and Clothes from the 1920s

As the flapper dress has become very popular in modern styles, more and more companies are making sexier versions of it. Most of the time, these sexier versions have a tighter fit and a higher hemline.

They are sometimes even made to look like a swimsuit or a unitard. These kinds of flapper dresses look like lingerie and make women feel very sexy when they wear them.

Even though this isn’t exactly how flapper dresses looked, they are still a good choice for this time period. This type of dress takes the elegant look of the classic flapper dress and brings it into the present to fit the latest fashion trends.

Plus-size flapper costumes that are hot

Even though it’s not a type, it’s hard to find plus-size flapper costumes. There are a lot of plus-size options for the flapper dress, which is great.

This lets bigger women live out their fantasies of the 1920s and makes them feel good about their bodies, too. The main difference between a classic flapper dress and a plus-size flapper dress is the way the dress fits.

There are also options on the market for those who want a sexier shape. Many companies care about making clothes for people of all shapes and sizes, so you won’t have to worry about finding a flapper costume or dress for you.

Questions People Usually Ask

How do I wear a traditional flapper dress? Do I need anything else?

A: Flapper dresses are very versatile when it comes to how they can be worn. Wear a feather boa and a pair of shoes with a medium-sized heel that matches the colour of your flapper dress or costume. Some people also like to add a long cigarette holder to finish off the look, so you could do that too. If you want to go all out, fancy headpieces are also a plus.

What hairstyle goes best with a flapper dress?

A: Most flappers in the 1920s cut their hair short. The bob hairstyle was popular and looked good with the flapper dress. Some people wear it all the way up to their cheek, while others cut it a bit lower. As time went on, many people also chose the Eton Crop. Women kept cutting their hair shorter, which looked good with the flapper style. Flappers also wore finger waves and curls that were short and tight.

Q: How much make-up should I wear with a flapper dress?

A: One thing that made a Flapper stand out was how bold they were with their makeup. They put on more makeup, had bright red lips, eyeliner, and mascara, and trimmed their eyebrows to make themselves more appealing to the crowd. If you want to look like a Flapper from the 1920s, you should go in this general direction.


In the 1920s, the Flappers changed how women dressed, what they wore on their faces, and how they did their hair. Now, women can change their looks however they want. With these fashion tips, you’ll look like you stepped out of a 1920s magazine and be ready for your next party with a 1920s theme.

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