Factors to Look at When Buying Kids Tricycle


If you’re looking for different ways for your kid to have fun and develop a few important life skills, then you’re at a right place. Each child appreciates the fun and excitement when rolling and gliding with the ride-on toy. The best way for your child to have fun and learn skills is by buying them a trike for kids. Let us look at some important factors before buying kids tricycle:

Go with the lightweight bicycle

Most of the kid’s bikes available in the market are heavy. It is quite common for kid’s bikes to weigh over 50% of their total weight, and sometimes weigh more than the adult bike. Suppose you want to choose a perfect trike based on one factor, then make sure you check the weight before going ahead with the purchase.

A tricycle that is very heavy will become very tough for your child to ride. A titanium or aluminum frame will be the lightest material that you can consider. Don’t totally write off steel and if the wheels or other components are very light, still steel will be the sturdy and quality option. Thus, when you are out buying a trike for your kids, make sure you check the material and its weight.

Designs and Final Details

Kid’s trikes come with many different features, which will make you spoilt for choice. The tricycles with the wireframe design having seat at a same level as pedals will be comfortable for the younger kids. For the older kids, the higher seat and push handles suits much better.  So, you need to choose the trike as per the age of your child.

Tips to Follow When Buying Tricycles

Tricycles & other three-wheeled kid’s toys offer entertainment and exercise for a lot of children. Make sure you keep this activity safe and fun by following the given steps:

  • Make sure the kids tricycle you buy is strongly assembled and is a perfect size for your kid (they are able to pedal when sitting squarely on a seat).
  • Check your kid closely when they are riding outside. Don’t allow your kid to ride in the areas, which are very close to vehicles, swimming pools, and other hazards.
  • Never buy the tricycle till your kid has basic coordination of riding it rightly. Generally, this will be of age 3

Make sure you make your child wear a helmet whenever they are riding a tricycle.

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