Five Mother Of The Bride Dresses That Are Ideal For Summer Weddings


There is nothing better than a summer wedding. The sun is shining, everyone is happy, and the mood is just all around better. In addition to this, there are a number of exciting venues that you can take advantage of in the summer that you can’t in during the other seasons. For instance, you can’t very well have a beach wedding in the winter time. It would just be too cold and your guests probably wouldn’t much appreciate the venue either. That being said if you are a mother of the bride and looking for that perfect summer dress, you are going to have any number of options available to you, but the ones listed below are going to make the biggest impact.

The Beach Mother Of The Bride

Beach weddings are synonymous with the summer season and that is because they really bring so much to the table. However, sometimes a beach setting can pose several problems. First, you don’t want a long dress that is going to get caught on the sand. In addition to this, you don’t want a dress that is too heavy or hot. This is where the traditional white and lacy bodice dress with a tulle skirt comes in handy. The design isn’t too floating and will not restrict your movements on the beach.

Off The Shoulder Dresses

When it comes to summer mother of the groom dresses there is nothing more iconic than the off the shoulder dress. These dresses are extremely popular and it probably already easy to understand why. They are pretty and with lacy sleeves, you can look like you just stepped off the pages of a fairy tale. In addition to this, they will provide the relief that you need from the sweltering summer sun.

Goddess Dress

If you want to look like a Greek goddess without overshadowing the bride, you can take advantage of white draping fabric shaped like a glamorous toga. Pairing this with a gold belt and you will add the luxuriousness that you need to stand out. This design is something that is perfect for the beach wedding or any outdoor setting. Wearing your hair up can also add a little extra needed flair.

Boho Sleeve Dress

Just because it is summer time it doesn’t mean that you still can’t utilize those iconic sleeves. Pick mother of the bride dresses tea length that offers wide and delegate sleeves with short or long skirts. This is a dress that will be suitable for any theme, but they mesh really well with summer themed weddings.

Criss-Cross Detail Dresses

If you want to spice things up and go for a more unique look, you should consider taking advantage of the criss-cross dress. This is a type of backless dress that is held together by strands that crisscrossed along the back. They are extremely stylish, elegant, and make a statement. Dresses like this in combination with an up do and you will truly shine on your daughter’s big day.

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