Gacha Life Default Girl Costume


For your Gacha Life Default Girl costume, you need the following:

  • Color T-Shirt with Azaleas
  • Levi’s Mid-Length Shorts for Women
  • Wig, Purple
  • Contact lenses with a pink tint
  • Tube Socks to the Knee
  • Brown Slip-On

Methods For Achieving The Gacha Life Default Girl Look

Dress like Default Girl from Gacha Life;

Default Girl T-Shirt: In Gacha Club, Default Girl wears a pink shirt with the Lunime logo on the right chest.

She has purple hair that is shoulder-length and messy.

She has big pink eyes. If you don’t already have pink eyes, you can get pink contacts.

Accessories for Default Girl: Don’t forget to get denim jeans, white tube socks, and brown loafers or sandals to complete your Default Girl Halloween costume.

Cosplay Default Girl

Among the regulars of the Gacha Club, the Default Girl is a fixture. When you first start playing the game, she is one of the characters you are given.

The Default Girl’s hair is messy and purple, and her ahoge sticks out. She is wearing a pink T-shirt that says “Lunime” on it. It has a hip belt that goes with it. The Deafult Girl wears brown sandals with white socks and blue shorts.

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