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Good Girl Perfume means what?

Good Girl Fragrance sells the well-known brand Carolina Herrera’s exotic floral oriental eau de perfume, Good Girl Perfume is a series of scents designed by Carolina Herrera for contemporary ladies of all ages. Carolina Herrera’s conception of the contemporary woman is that she is both bold and sensual, elegant and mysterious, and both good and evil. If you want a fruity fragrance that makes you feel warm and appreciated, Good Girl perfume from is the best option. Let’s have a look at some actual user reviews, an alternative to’s How to order Good Girl perfume from the UK and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world through

Is’s good girl perfume real?

The nice girl perfume is one among the most cheap fragrances for those with limited funds. The firm provides fragrances that are 85 to 90 percent similar to authentic perfumes. The brand’s objective is to provide reasonably-priced, high-quality fragrances with no fillers. All of their products are vegan, phthalate-free, and environmentally friendly, and they adhere to all cosmetic safety regulations.

The nice girl perfume is a worthwhile purchase since it contains natural components and is less expensive than comparable products. Also, the firm adheres to a strict philosophy of being upfront and honest, and fragrances that haven’t been used extensively are delivered to its Give Back Box.

Why is nice girl perfume on so inexpensive?

If you choose to purchase more costly scents, you may omit nice girl perfume Perfumes made from natural materials smell just as nice as those made with pricey chemicals. They are inexpensive and have several positive ratings. In addition to 20% off coupons and several promotions for bulk purchases, the website also offers 20% off coupons.

The fact that they are based on pricey fragrances is a further incentive to pick nice female perfume For instance, a bottle of the pricey Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume costs over $350, and the Dossier Tobacco Vanille perfume is just $49. (Website of Record)

Does’s nice girl fragrance smell identical?

Does a nice female perfume smell the same on” is “Yes.” Then it will vary. The majority of Dossier fragrances are dupes, meaning that they have a strong resemblance to the original scents. Because they are manufactured with high-quality ingredients, some are superior to the originals. Therefore, if you are new to this world, you may pick up a few possibilities without spending hundreds of dollars on one that you may not even like.

The Dossier version of the nice girl perfume is preferred by users above the original. Coco Mademoiselle, on the other hand, features almond, cinnamon, musk, and flowery spices. The Dossier lasts longer despite the fact that the scents are almost identical. But it doesn’t stick out as Coco Mademoiselle does.

Good girl perfume is safe and sanitary, and the firm donates unused bottles to charity. Although the Dossier brand is inexpensive, it has more than 80,000 Instagram followers and more than 15,000 Facebook friends. Consequently, people are curious in the brand.

Good Girl Perfume user reviews on

Customers’ online evaluations have created a new sector of marketing and communication that mixes conventional word-of-mouth with a kind of feedback that may spread rapidly and alter people’s perspectives.

Review by Sara:

In addition to being difficult to decipher,’s alluring and enigmatic Good Girl perfume has several faces. This makes it ideal for those who would want to be discovered based on a variety of characteristics rather than all at once. People have remarked the bottle appears cheap and gaudy, yet I consider it to be one of the most beautiful. When you think of a lady who constantly wants to create a good impression and exude confidence, whether in an interview, at a formal event, during a significant time in her life, or during a dinner with partners and friends, you may see a seductive and sensual fragrance.

Beginning cheekily with lemon and bergamot, the Good Girl perfume by smells almost like a sweet, spicy almond. After around 30 minutes of application, it begins to move swiftly on a heart, but on me, the basic notes are already well-blended.

The sambac jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, a very sweet milky hint, cinnamon, the sweetness of the praline, which dissolves the cocoa, and the sweetness of the amber all come together to make this scent and I can already tell that the rest of the fragrance is changing so rapidly that it can’t keep up; in fact, all of these separate notes will become entwined and blended together in a harmonious manner. Good Girl Perfume from is a perfume that may give you the boost you need for anything that allows us the opportunity to display who we are, and I say, why not?

Commentary on Leviticus 5:

Power and dispersion: The power lasts for at least eight hours. Sillage is quite potent for the first three to four hours after application, but then it begins to fade. It is still on the skin during the last two hours.

The fragrance has a charming, clean, and feminine aroma. It includes traces of smokey tonka bean, almond crème, gentle florals, and just a trace of linen. Ideal for activities that occur at night or in the autumn and winter.

10/10: The 1 oz. bottle of Good Girl Perfume that I purchased from is compact and simple to travel with.

The bottle’s form makes it difficult to store properly in a luggage; thus, you need carry the box along. The spritzer and cap are rather sturdy, and the bottle is precisely level and balanced, so I’ve had no difficulty storing or displaying it.

For ladies over the age of 21, we recommend an evening/night, fall/winter, traditionally dreamy fragrance. It depicts a vision of power that is decadent and cozy, alluring and nearly menacing. Which color palette springs to mind? As well as comfortable deeper purples, silver, burgundy, and emerald green are all included. A safe blind purchase for those who enjoy to eat, drink, and smell wonderful.

Review by Stepha:

NOT sweet or floral; rather, passionate and dark. I’ve had the largest size of this fragrance for quite some time. The purchase of a huge bottle of perfume is a terrific bargain for me since it will last me forever. Also, the shop smelt pleasant. The employee said that it was their top-selling product. Good Girl Perfume by was quite peculiar, well-organized, and adorable. However, I have difficulty describing the odor. There is no fruity aroma or flavor. Be cautious while using sprays, since they have a strong, musky scent that may be nearly enticing and remain forever, particularly on garments.

Alternative to Dossier.

Who makes Good Girl Perfume?

Givenchy Organza is a flowery perfume with stronger tones of exquisite flowers. Gardenia, tuberose, and jasmine comprise the body. It has a nice aroma that lingers for a very long period in the nose.

2015 saw the debut of Truly Yours’ Reisa fragrance for ladies. The volume and duration of the sound are above average. White blossom fragrance is astoundingly exquisite. Vanilla sweetens it, yet it is not too sweet or sticky on the skin.

Beautiful Belle by Estée Lauder is a white floral fragrance featuring gardenia and tuberose in abundance. There is a trace of marzipan in this fragrance, yet it is not too sweet.

This fragrance, produced by Alexandria Fragrances, is identical to Good Girl. Most dupes are not perfect replicas of the original fragrances, therefore this may not smell as lovely on your skin as Good Girl.

How to purchase Good Girl Perfume and more smells

The shop,, is situated in the United States and now solely sells online to American clients. Some Carolina Herrera fragrances, like as “Good Girl,” are exclusive to the United Kingdom, however there are more possibilities. Register at for free to get a free UK address for shopping. Then, visit any UK perfume store, make a purchase, and let ForwardVia deliver the fragrance to your door, no matter where you are in the globe. ForwardVia is completely certified to export perfume and other hazardous commodities to locations worldwide.

Here are several UK online perfume stores: Perfume Shop, The Fragrance Shop, Notino, Boots, Allbeauty.

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