Here are the seven most expensive bottles of tequila in the world.


Made from blue agave Tequila is one of the most well-known alcoholic drinks. It is made close to the city of Tequila in Guadalajara, Spain. But did you know that it can also be one of the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world?

Unlike the bottles we usually see “off the shelf,” some high-end bottles of tequila can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few million dollars.

Here are the seven most expensive tequilas in the world, in order:

Clase Azul Extra Anejo is the seventh most expensive tequila.

Clase Azul Extra Anejo (Ultra) was only ever made in 100 bottles, of which 50 went to the US and the rest to Mexico. The bottles were made of ceramic and were decorated with gold and silver that were both 24 karats. The tequila is made from 100% Tequilliana Weber blue agave and aged in Sherry oak barrels. This gives it a beautiful amber colour and a smooth taste. You could buy each bottle for $1,700.

Most Expensive Tequila #6: 1800 Coleccion

The 1800 Coleccion is made by the Beckmann family, which is known for making high-quality tequilas. Its name comes from the year 1800, when the company began ageing tequila in French oak barrels for the first time.

The bottle was made by Bosco Sodi and Gary Baseman. It was designed by Bosco Sodi and has beautiful pewter accents. Tequila is made from agave that has been left to grow for 10 years and then distilled twice in French oak barrels. The end product is a golden spirit that tastes light and has a hint of almond. You can buy this beautiful piece for $1,800.

Barrique De Ponciano Porfidio is the fifth most expensive tequila.

The Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio, which costs $2,000 per bottle, is one of the rarest and most expensive tequilas in the world. Each year, only 2,000 bottles are made.

The lettering on the bottle, which is made of 21-karat gold, is simple but elegant. The tequila is double-distilled for ten years in French Limousin oak barrels, which gives it a rich, smooth flavour that fans love.

Tequila Asombroso Reserva Del Porto, fourth-most expensive

The AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto is part of a limited edition series that combines the look of a high-end decanter with the taste of a very high-quality, expensive tequila in a beautiful way.

The 16-year-old tequila is made from blue agave that is hand-picked. The first 5 years of ageing are done in a French oak barrel, and the last 11 years are done in a high-sugar Portuguese port wine barrel. This is what gives this high-quality tequila its signature sweet taste and strong cherry smell. AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto cost $2,800 per bottle.

Clase Azul 15th Anniversary Edition is #3 on the list of most expensive tequilas.

This expensive spirit was made to celebrate Clase Azule’s 15th anniversary. It was one of the most expensive bottles of tequila in the world. There were only 15 bottles made, and each one is worth $30,000.

The bottle was made of ceramic and decorated with 24-karat gold, but what was inside is what really makes it stand out. The premium tequila is made by mixing two ultra-aged reserve tequilas. It is meant to be savoured. One was aged for 15 years in a Spanish barrel at the Tequilas del Senor distillery. The other was aged for 11 years at the Productos Finos de Agave distillery.

Ley.925 Tequila Pasion Azteca Ultra Premium Anejo is the ninth most expensive tequila.

In 2006, the Guinnes Book of World Records said that Pasión Azteca Ultra Premium Anejo was the most expensive tequila in the world. When a Mexican collector paid a jaw-dropping $225,000 for this expensive bottle, it made headlines.

The beautiful bottle that the tequila comes in is the main reason why it costs so much. Fernando Altamirano, who was CEO of Ley.925 at the time, made the bottle by hand out of pure gold, white gold, and platinum. But what’s inside is just as impressive. The Pasion Azteca Ultra Premium Anejo tequila is made from pure blue agave and aged for 6 years before it goes into its premium bottle. This gives it a taste that is absolutely premium.

Tequila Ley.925 Diamante is the most pricey tequila in the world.

The Ley.925 Diamante Tequila, which costs $3.5 million, is the most expensive tequila in the world. Before being bottled, this high-quality spirit is aged for 7 years. Such a high-quality drink needs a bottle that looks just as good. The bottle was made by the Mexican artist Alejandro Gomez Oropeza to look like a deep-sea treasure. It has 4,100 diamonds on it.

Before the D’Amalfi Limoncello came along, the Guinness World Record for the most expensive spirit was held by the Diamante Tequila.

Honorable Mentions

  • Rey Sol Anejo Tequila – $400
  • Tres-Quatro-Cinco Tequila -$379
  • Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila – $360
  • Don Julio Real Tequila – $350
  • Gran Patron Platinum Tequila – $250

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