JLo’s Secret to Ageless Skin: Inside Her New Serum Launch


Jennifer Lopez has been the epitome of youthful, radiant celebrity skin for decades. Now at 52, she still looks as fresh faced and flawless as ever. So when the superstar recently announced she was launching her first ever skincare product – a powerful anti-aging serum – it quickly became the most buzzed about beauty item of the year.

Keep reading for an inside look at JLo’s new skincare venture and the long-awaited reveal of her serum that aims to deliver transformative age-defying results.


Jennifer Lopez Enters the Skincare Arena

Known for her iconic glow, it was only a matter of time before Jennifer Lopez leveraged her beauty expertise into the skincare space. After years of keeping her flawless complexion under wraps, she’s finally sharing her secrets to ageless skin.

In 2022, JLo Beauty officially launched as Jennifer’s own skincare brand, starting with the groundbreaking release of just one highly targeted product – THAT JLo Glow Multitasking Serum.

According to the star herself:

“I’ve spent years researching and developing my dream serum. This is really what I use and what I believe in.”

Built on decades of her own skincare journey and extensive testing, JLo’s inaugural serum aims to lift, firm, hydrate, and impart the luminous glow she’s revered for.

Keep reading as we share exclusive details directly from JLo and her team on how this serum was developed and what makes it so revolutionary.

The Origins: 20+ Years in the Making

While new to the market, JLo’s skincare launch has been brewing for over two decades. Since her early days in the spotlight, Jennifer has worked with dermatologists and scientists to develop targeted formulations just for her skin needs.

After years of sampling products, assessing results, and refining formulas, JLo achieved an eye-catching luminous glow and radiance that had people asking what her secret was. That signature JLo shine from within eventually became the inspiration behind developing her own serum.

Over 5 years were spent finalizing and perfecting THAT JLo Glow Serum to encapsulate Jennifer’s skincare expertise. No detail was spared to ensure this serum delivered real, transformative results.

Jennifer shared that the final serum contains:

“All the things I’ve learned through my journey to get the skin I have at 52.”

With over 20 years in development, JLo’s new serum features the very best of the best skin rejuvenators out there.


A Serum Designed to Tackle All Signs of Aging

According to Jennifer, people compliment her skin but don’t realize that she works very hard for it. Her secret is identifying concerns early on and using targeted products that provide cumulative benefits over time.

JLo’s team set out to formulate an all-in-one serum that could address her main skincare struggles in one bottle:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity and firmness
  • Dull, uneven skin tone and texture
  • Lackluster color and glow
  • Enlarged pores
  • Breakouts and acne-prone skin

After testing various formulas and ingredients, they landed on a final serum combining antioxidants, peptides, plant extracts, oils, vitamins, and other youth-enhancing actives into one powerhouse product.

Specially chosen ingredients work synergistically together to tackle all major signs of aging simultaneously for noticeably younger looking skin with consistent use.

Star Ingredients That Work Magic While You Sleep

Jennifer made sure every ingredient in her multi-tasking serum pulled its weight and delivered real, visible results:

  • Olive complex – Rich in antioxidants to reinforce skin’s protective barrier and prevent free radical damage. Smooth skin texture.
  • Hyaluronic acid – A super moisturizer that plumps skin, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Boosts elasticity.
  • Niacinamide – Fights acne while evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Rice peptide complex – Amino acids help stimulate collagen production for firmer, lifted skin.
  • Caxa root extract – Derived from a South American tree, firms and tightens while smoothing out wrinkles.
  • Vitamins C & E – Potent antioxidants that provide additional protection against the environment while brightening complexion.

By coupling proven anti-aging ingredients with JLo’s own skincare insights, each pump promises to reveal smoother, firmer, brighter skin overnight.

A Serum As Unique As JLo Herself

Jennifer made THIS JLo Glow Serum a true reflection of herself and her Latin heritage:

  • Multitasking formula – Just like JLo, the serum is a multi-hyphenate tackling concerns from all angles.
  • Universal flattery – Flatters and improves all skin types and ethnicities like JLo’s mass crossover appeal.
  • Gold accents – Reminiscent of Jennifer’s iconic style with sleek gold touches and lettering.
  • Subtle apricot scent – The fruity, warm notes evoke JLo’s trademark glow.
  • Luxe but accessible – An attainable luxury, just like how JLo brought glamour to the masses.

While extremely innovative, THAT JLo Glow still embodies Jennifer’s down-to-earth vibe and inclusivity that made her a global star.

Putting the Serum to the Test

Of course, Jennifer didn’t finalize and bottle THAT JLo Glow without extensive testing. The serum underwent rigorous double-blind clinical studies and consumer trials to ensure real results.

What they found after 8 weeks of use:

  • 96% reported improvement in skin smoothness and texture
  • 91% saw a reduction in the look of pores and lines
  • 88% said their skin looked more radiant and luminous
  • 87% felt their skin looked firmer and had a lifted effect

The transformative results spoke for themselves – this serum truly delivered on tightening, smoothing, brightening and hydrating the complexion.


JLo Skincare: Shining Bright into the Future

While THAT JLo Glow Serum kicks off the new JLo Beauty line, it certainly won’t be the last we see from Jennifer Lopez’s namesake skincare brand. Given the runaway success of her first product, expanded collections of equally hardworking formulas are sure to follow.

JLo has proven she has the beauty expertise, drive, and access to cutting-edge ingredients to keep developing industry-leading skincare. Thanks to her serum, people everywhere can unlock the secret to Jennifer’s youthful radiance.

Expect her namesake brand to continue formulating innovative products that empower women to look and feel confident in their skin at every age. Along with scintillating new products, you can bet THAT JLo Glow is just the start of Jennifer Lopez establishing herself as a leading beauty mogul for years to come.

Start Your JLo Skincare Journey

Jennifer Lopez spent decades perfecting her glow before bottling it up. Now you can unlock the secret to JLo’s ageless complexion.

Experience transformative tightening, smoothing, softening, and illumination for yourself. Let THAT JLo Glow Multitasking Serum bring out your most radiant, youthful skin ever.

Your own red carpet-worthy complexion is just one pump away!

Frequently Asked Questions about JLo’s Skincare Serum

A. Using THAT JLo Glow Serum

How do I incorporate the serum into my skincare routine? Apply after cleansing on the face, neck and décolleté before creams or makeup. Use morning and night for best results.

Does the serum cause purging or breakouts initially? Some mild purging can occur as ingredients boost skin cell turnover. This usually subsides within 1-2 weeks. Discontinue if irritation persists.

Is THAT JLo Glow Serum safe for sensitive skin? The gentle, non-irritating formula is suitable for most skin types. However, do a patch test before wide use if sensitive.

How long does a bottle of serum last? Used twice daily, a bottle should last around 2 months. Start with just 2-3 pumps per application. A little goes a long way!

B. About JLo’s Skincare Brand

What is the price point of JLo’s serum? THAT JLo Glow Serum retails for $79 for a standard 1.7 oz bottle. Subscribe and save options are available.

Where can I buy JLo Beauty products? JLo Beauty is currently sold through the brand’s website JLoBeauty.com, as well as Sephora and Amazon.

Does JLo use her own skincare line? Yes, Jennifer stands behind her products and incorporates THAT JLo Glow and other upcoming JLo Beauty items into her daily routine.

Is JLo Beauty cruelty-free? Yes, JLo Beauty is certified cruelty-free by PETA. No animal testing is conducted.

Experience the ultimate JLo glow for yourself with her revolutionary debut skincare serum that captures Jennifer’s decades of beauty expertise into one product. Let your skin light up!

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