How to Approach a Girl: A Female Perspective


Men, women are not nearly as difficult as they first seem. Downstairs, we have different equipment than you have. Men and women may like various hobbies and topics of conversation, but when it comes to dating, they are surprisingly similar. However, there are a few things you can do when asking a lady out to boost your chances of receiving a positive response. Here are 10 examples.

Please do not push or hurry us.

If we recently ended a toxic relationship, we generally won’t want to immediately leap into another. Allow us some time to go at our own speed. Obviously, if the lady appears to be leading you on, it’s OK to question her about her intentions and demand an honest response. However, if we make it apparent that we’re not ready, don’t attempt to push us. If you desire a relationship immediately, you must locate someone who is also ready for one. We could regret letting you slip away one day but that’s not anything you can worry about. If you force a girl into a situation for which she is not prepared, you will suffer the consequences.

Avoid falling into the “just pals” group.

Being there for a lady when she needs you is crucial, but if you have romantic feelings for her, you must avoid becoming someone she solely considers a friend. I’m not sure how that works for men, but once someone is a girl’s friend, it’s difficult to see them as a love partner. If you’re content with merely being her friend, that’s great, but if you’re not, periodically remind her that you have romantic feelings for her. Try flirting with her. Let her know that you’re interested, even if you don’t say so directly. If you communicate the message clearly enough, she will understand it.

Don’t attempt to be the man you believe she desires.

Simply be yourself, for the sake of everything that is good and pure. To obtain our approval, do not pretend to be someone you are not. This is something I usually tell women, but it also applies to men. Just be your true self. If that’s not enough for the female you’re interested in, she’s not the one for you. This might be difficult to comprehend at times – for both men and women – but it is essential. Be truthful and genuine. Allow her to discover who you are as a person. Thus, you will know that if she answers yes, it is because she likes you and wants to go out with you, and not because she likes the person you are trying to be.

Do not boast about your wealth, possessions, or job.

Some women may find a wealthy man with a good automobile and a large wallet appealing, but they are nearly always more interested in the car and the money than in the man himself. If you’re cool with that, feel free to boast to your heart’s content, but keep in mind that none of that will impress a lady who isn’t interested in that type of stuff. Girls who are more interested in what’s in your thoughts than what’s in your pocketbook are likely to be turned off by your boasting. Not all women are concerned with wealth, expensive automobiles, and guys with bloated bank accounts. This will come off as more of an insult than a compliment if you brag about it to a woman who is not interested.

Determine all you can about her.

Before you muster up the courage to ask a lady out, you need determine whether she is available. This is significant, folks. If she isn’t, don’t be the weirdo who attempts to get her to leave her partner. It is irrelevant that he is a jerk. If she is going out with a jerk, it is her responsibility to find it out, and if she hasn’t figured it out yet, she probably won’t take your advice well. If you don’t often interact with her but you have common acquaintances, inquire with them about her involvement. If you have so little information, you should at least search for a wedding or engagement ring. Introduce yourself and bring up her lover. She will either tell you she is single or describe the man she is with. She either has a partner or is not interested in dating you if she remains silent. If she is single and interested, she will gladly inform you that the guy you named does not exist.

Attempt to identify shared interests with her.

Nothing breaks the ice like a brief conversation on a shared interest. If she like movies, discuss flicks with her. You need not have the same tastes in films to discuss them. It only initiates a dialogue. The same holds true for music, sports, cuisine, and everything else that you and the object of your adoration have in common. Finding a few commonalities offers you something to chat about before you ask her out and provides you the opportunity to demonstrate that you have similar interests. This will considerably boost your chances of receiving a positive response.

Don’t be a jerk, but also don’t be a pushover.

Not all women find jerks attractive. That is a fallacy. Contrary to popular belief, being a jerk will get you shot down significantly more often than this myth suggests. As with most tales, I has some basis in reality. Women certainly seem to date a large number of jerks, but here’s the reality. The majority of these jerks are not, in fact, jerks. They only seem to be such when seen through the lens of a broken relationship. On the other side of the coin are weaklings. Girls don’t want a jerk, but they also don’t want someone weak-willed. Do not allow a woman to walk all over you. Not all women will exploit a pushover, but not all women will also appreciate them.

Do not place her on a pedestal.

As said in the opening, females and boys are not that dissimilar. It is unnecessary to treat us as we are. Consider approaching a woman for a first date as if you were inviting a male buddy to get out. The environment and desired consequence of the gathering may alter, but the fundamental concept remains the same. You want to spend time with another person. You seek enjoyment. Consider it this way, and you will feel far less anxious.

Don’t be too concerned about your looks.

Aesthetics are crucial. The reality is that nobody likes to accept it, but that is the case. This physical attraction must exist at least to some degree. However, if you generally wear jeans and a t-shirt and show up in a suit and tie to ask the object of your passion out on a date, it will be painfully clear that you’re attempting to impress her. If you dress in a casual and relaxed manner on a daily basis, keep with that. You do not want to seem as if you are trying too hard.

Keep your nerves under control.

We’re simply folks, guys. There is no need to be afraid of us. To be honest, I am aware that many guys are not shy, yet asking a female out may be just as frightening as asking a guy out. In both cases, the worst case situation is a no. Yes is the best-case scenario. If you just relax, the second situation is considerably more likely to occur. Women are kind of like bears. We can smell your dread, yet it repels us rather than attracts us. Imagine a female approaching you while anxious and timid. It is not nearly as attractive as a woman who exudes confidence and security. Try to keep it in mind.

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