How to Create a Shrek Costume


Things You Will Need

Tan T-Shirt

  • Brown belt that is wide
  • Brown felt
  • Brown shoestring
  • Brown bottoms
  • Glue Stapler Green construction paper

Shrek Costume Instructions Shrek has become very famous. Millions of kids and adults love him, so why not dress up as that cute green ogre for Halloween or any other time you need a costume? You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to make a Shrek costume for you or your children.

Step 1:

Buy a tan t-shirt or a white one and dye it brown. It should have a dirty look.

Step 2

Put on a brown, wide belt. It should be long enough to hang low, around your hips.

Step 3:

Wrap a piece of brown felt around your body. To make a vest, mark where your shoulders are and cut out two armholes. Cut the bottom of the vest so that it hits your chest. Make holes along the edges of the vest and tie it together with a thick brown shoelace or a piece of twine.

Step 4:

Put on brown pants and use scissors to cut the bottoms of the legs so they look worn.

Step 5:

Use green construction paper to make ears for Shrek. Two ears were cut out of the construction paper and set aside. Then, cut a long strip about an inch wide from one side of the construction paper. This strip will go around your head.

Step 6:

Stick the ears on the headband with glue. Wear the headband around your head. Put a mark on the headband where one side meets the other. Take the headband off your head and hold the ends together with your forefinger and thumb. Staple the ends together where they meet.


Shrek’s stomach sticks out a little bit. Put a small pillow under your shirt to make yourself look a little chubbier. Put the pillow on top of the belt. If you don’t have a brown belt, you can use some brown thick twine or yarn. Make sure you tie it tight enough so that the pillow you’re using for a belly stays in place.

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