Indulgent Skin Pampering: My Trip to an Environ Focus Care Facial


So I booked an appointment for some serious pampering and rejuvenation with an Environ Focus Care Facial.

Staring back at my lackluster complexion in harsh bathroom lighting, I realized my usual slapdash skincare could no longer cut it heading into my 40s. Dull tone, fine lines creeping in, ((-and breakouts far outside my teenage years)), I craved a skin reset. So I booked an appointment for some serious pampering and rejuvenation with an Environ Focus Care Facial.

This celebrity esthetician-founded range promises personalized, intensive facials leveraging science-based formulations to achieve transformative results. After years of drugstore products applied haphazardly, submitting my face to a real professional for royal treatment sounded heavenly!

Read on for everything that went down in the comfy treatment room, how the products felt on my skin, and the results I saw afterwards. Could this facial evolve my daily regimen for rejuvenated skin?


Booking My First Ever Pro Facial

I’ll admit feeling equal parts excitement and awkwardness arriving at the neat little salon for my inaugural facial. Can you remember back that far?!

The friendly therapist Michelle soon had me relaxed, reclined back on the adjustable bed with soft music playing. We discussed my skincare pains – oil control, battling hormonal acne still, addressing fine lines and restoring vibrancy.

She tailored the treatment based on using Environ’s signature vitamin-powered serums to tackle my woes gently through science-based formulas and skin-type appropriate techniques.

Already I felt my stresses melting away – bring on the luxury!

The Step-By-Step Facial Routine

Michelle walked me through each step of the comprehensive experience:

  1. Cleansing – Removing makeup, SPF and impurities with soothing milky cleanser containing antioxidants
  2. Steaming – Opening pores and softening skin texture with aromatic steam towels
  3. Exfoliation – Lightly exfoliating skin with AHA/BHA solution to reveal fresh cells
  4. Extractions – Manual extractions and high frequency electrical currents to purge pores
  5. Massage – Soothing facial massage using signature nutrient-packed serums with soothing botanicals
  6. Masque – Application of a cooling algae masque to balance, nourish and hydrate
  7. Moisturization – Final massage with protective antioxidant creams to nourish and protect

I loved the combination of high-tech gadgetry with the skillful human touch assessing and tweaking pressures. It felt perfectly balanced between medical spa medi-facial and pampering skin therapy – my sweet spot!


The Transformational Results

Throughout, Michelle reminded me results continue improving 72 hours post-treatment as skin cells fully turnover. But emerging from behind my cucumber eye masks, my freshly revealed skin already looked significantly improved:

  • Brighter, more even complexion
  • Visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimized dark spots and acne scars
  • Firmed and contoured facial features
  • Soft as a baby’s bottom!

I finally saw what hydrated, balanced skin looks like on me – dewy, smooth and supple with a translucency I haven’t glimpsed in years hiding under layers of makeup.

Michelle captured pics she promised to message revealing the shocking improvements. Peering closer in the mirror as I left, the atmosphere in the salon had clearly injected intense nourishment from deep within.

Could this be the start of a new skincare journey?…


How The Focus Care Facial Transformed My Daily Routine

The glimpse underneath to my skin’s possible potential after correct professional treatment was a wakeup call to elevate my daily skincare regimen.

I immediately tossed my random assortment of so-so over the counter creams and serums. In their place, Michelle prescribed a tailored AM/PM Environ skincare system derived from the serums used during my facial.

She properly educated me on layering targeted active concentrates for:

  • Purifying foaming cleansers
  • Vitamin A, C and antioxidant serums
  • Blemish-banishing spot gels
  • Rich protective day/night moisture creams

Used consistently morning and night these keep skin balanced, nourished and fortified daily – not just a one-off fix.

While initially an investment, I actually save money without wasting products that just sit in my cupboard. And Michelle schedules maintenance facials every 6 weeks for seasonal skin analysis and compassionate encouragement!

Who knew a little self-care could catalyze such positive change? This new skincare ritual feels like an act of self-love.

Have you experienced an Environ Focus Care Facial yet or used their homecare skincare solutions? Share your reviews and stories below! I can’t be the only convert to proper professional skincare treatments can I? Let’s swap stories.

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