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The Clothes Max Mayfield Wore

Maxine Mayfield becomes the main character of the show in season 2. On screen, Sadie Sink plays her.

Max is a tomboy who likes to do a lot of things that girls her age shouldn’t do. She is very good at both arcade games and skating, which she loves. The fact that she dressed up as Michael Myers for Halloween showed that she sometimes likes scary movies. Max had driven before, so taking care of her brother’s car was easy for her.

Season 4’s Max Mayfield outfit (Floating Costume)

The parts of Max Mayfield’s floating outfit are as follows:

  • The clothes were made by Max Mayfield.
  • A reddish-brown wig with a hairpin, a striped long-sleeved t-shirt, and two striped t-shirts.
  • The shoes were made by Max Mayfield.
  • Full Max Mayfield, get up!
  • Max is a big part of the story in the fourth season. In the picture above, from the fourth season of Stranger Things, Max seems to be floating above Dustin, Lucas, and Steve.
  • Max Mayfield’s Walkman will have a new outfit for its fourth season.

What you need to be Max Mayfield from Season 4 for Halloween:

Red-brown for women Levi’s Low Pro Jeans, V-Neck Top, and Short Sleeves Shoes by Max Mayfield: Safari Coat Burgundy Backpack Leather Wrist Strap Yellow Watch Wig Maxell 190319 FM AM Stereo Headset Walkman Headphones

The Halloween costume Max wore in Season 3

For Season 3, you’ll need the following to complete Max Mayfield’s outfit:

She wore a striped crop top, loose jeans, a yellow plastic watch, and old red sunglasses.

Cheap Vans shoes made in the UK with a fake ice cream pattern and a thin leather belt? Click here to see the links for the UK.

In Max’s third season, she started telling her friends what to wear (pretty much just Eleven). She helps Eleven with her clothes and is known for wearing bright colours.

Max Mayfield’s Season 2 outfit

For your Max Mayfield Season 2 outfit, you’ll need the following:

In season 2, Max is the perfect Tomboy. He wears a long-sleeved T-shirt, a track jacket, classic jeans, a wig, a yellow watch, a backpack, a pair of Vans, and a pair of Vans. She dresses like a boy, acts like a boy, and does things that boys usually did in the 1980s so she can fit in.

How to dress to look like Eleven from Stranger Things. Max Mayfield

Dress up like Max from the show Stranger Things;

Max Mayfield’s style has changed from that of a cool tomboy to that of a beautiful teen girl over the course of the three seasons of Stranger Things. Max is liked by a lot of people for a good reason. She started out as a supporting character on Stranger Things, but her popularity quickly went through the roof, and she is now a series regular.

If you want to dress up as Max, we’ve got you covered, and you have a lot of options.

Max Mayfield’s costume for Halloween

I don’t want to be a jerk like him, but I know I can be like him sometimes. Ever”

I’m sorry to say this, but Max Mayfield is wrong.

When she first moved to Hawkins, she was shy and careful around other people. Because of how her brother treated her, she also showed signs of being very angry and emotionally distant. She was naturally cautious, so the strange things she saw in her new home were hard for her to believe.

Even so, she was ready to help once she realised how important the problem was. Even though she didn’t like Lucas and Dustin’s attempts to be friends, she still wanted to go to the party and was willing to deal with how rough they were with her. When she was finally accepted into the gang, she showed how much she cared about her new friends by disagreeing with Billy to make sure she was safe and giving herself the name “Zoomer” in the gang’s hierarchy.

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