Joel Goodsen Risky Business Costume


You need the following things for your Joel Goodsen costume from Risky Business:

  • Candlestick made of gold
  • Black SunGlasses 1
  • Ray-Ban Black Sunglasses
  • Hanes Men’s Socks
  • Tom Cruise Wig
  • Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt for Men
  • White Men’s Underwear

How To Dress Like Joel Goodsen From Risky Business

Dress like Joel Goodsen from Risky Business;

Putting together your own Risky Business costume is a pretty risque thing to do. At the end of the day, you’ll be wearing a shirt and tight white pants. But this is just as much fun.

You need a Tom Cruise wig, black glasses, a striped shirt, white underwear, white socks, and a gold candlestick to dress like Joel Goodsen.

Joel Goodsen Cosplay

It’s great to look like Joel, but you also need to understand who he is. Let’s now learn more about Joel.

Joel lives in a big house in the Chicago suburbs with his parents. Even though it is a beautiful place, Joel can’t wait to finish high school. Because his parents are always pushing him to do well in school, he finds the house stuffy. They think he should go to Princeton like his dad, and even though he thinks his grades won’t be good enough, they have already set up an interview for him.

Joel Goodsen Halloween Costume

Occupation: High school graduate. Joel has the same bad dream about the SATs every time they come up. The dream starts off well with a naked woman in the shower, but it always ends with the same thing: there are only three minutes left on the test.

Having fun is an interest. He doesn’t get to have much fun, though, most of the time. When his parents go away for the weekend, Joel sneaks alcohol from their liquor cabinet, drives his father’s Porsche, and dances in his underwear to Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

Lana, a beautiful prostitute, is his girlfriend. Joel met Lana through his high school friend Miles. Lana is different from the other girls Joel knows. How her mind worked was strange, he remembers thinking. No guilt, no doubts, no fear. None of the things I’m good at. Just the shameless search for immediate pleasure.” High school seniors don’t usually find lasting love with prostitutes, so this relationship has a lot of problems.

Challenge: Not getting arrested. He became a pimp (kind of) by accident, and his old house is now a brothel. Lana talked Joel into throwing a party, but when she invited all of her prostitute friends, things got out of hand. Joel is worried that the police will show up, but he is also pretty sure that he can still make a lot of money before that happens.

Personality: Good-hearted, worried, and a little overwhelmed. Joel likes to have fun, but he always feels bad about it because his parents want him to be more serious about his future, and sometimes he thinks they are right. Lana changes everything. She teaches him to not feel guilty about anything. Even though she might not be a good influence, Joel knows that that night will be remembered for a long time, no matter what happens.

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