KIKO Lip Glosses: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Shade and Finish for You


If you like to look glamorous right away, KIKO lip glosses are an absolute necessity. These high-quality lip glosses come in a wide variety of colours and sheens, so there’s sure to be one that’s just right for you.

The Benefits of KIKO Lip Glosses

As one of Italy’s most popular makeup brands, KIKO combines affordability with the latest trends in cosmetics. Their lip glosses boast several benefits:

  • Rich pigment: Whether you prefer a sheer wash or intense color payoff, KIKO’s pigments are formulated to deliver high-impact shine.
  • Long-lasting wear: Say goodbye to touch-ups throughout the day – many formulas last up to six hours without fading or feathering!
  • Versatility: From glittery finishes that sparkle under disco lights to matte formulas perfect for everyday wear, there’s a KIKO lip gloss for every mood.
  • Nourishment: Infused with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba oil, these lip glosses keep your pout smooth and supple even through winter winds.


Selecting Your Perfect Shade

The best way to choose your ideal shade is by considering skin tone. While some colors may seem intimidating at first glance (hello blue!), picking hues that complement your natural complexion will guarantee flawless results. Here are some general guidelines:

Fair Skin Tones (Cool Undertones):

Cool Undertones:
  • Pinks – A classic choice that works beautifully with fair skin, pink shades add a youthful touch to any look. For cool undertones, try KIKO Jelly Stylo in 500 Pink.
  • Nudes – Subtle and sophisticated, nude shades like KIKO Creamy Comfort Lip Liner in 301 are the perfect way to enhance your natural lip color.
  • Coral – Bright and playful, coral hues bring a pop of color to cooler skin tones. Try KIKO’s Unlimited Stylo in shade 07 for a fun summer vibe!

Medium Skin Tones (Warm Undertones):

Warm Undertones:
  • Brown – A classic choice that flatters warm skin tones, brown shades range from muted mochas to rich chocolates. Try KIKO’s Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in shade 110 Hazelnut.
  • Peach – Soft and sweet, peach shades lend warmth without overpowering medium complexions. We love the dreamy texture of KIKO’s Waterflower Magic Lip & Cheek Tint in shade 01 Peach Dahlia.
  • Berry – Deep rich berry hues like those found in the Velvet Passion Matte Liquid Lipstick line can add drama and sophistication to any evening look for warm undertone complexions!

Darker Skin Tones (Neutral or Cool Undertones):

Neutral/Cool Undertones:
  • Purple/Plum- Bold purple/plum colors work well on darker complexions without looking too harsh as they complement cool undertows beautifully! Try out Shade 321 Blackberry from the Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick line
  • Red – Bold and classic, red lip glosses look stunning on darker skin tones. Try KIKO’s Unlimited Stylo in shade 08 for a timeless Hollywood vibe.
  • Metallics – Darker skin tones can pull off metallic shades with ease, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Shades like KIKO’s Sparkling Holiday Lip Gloss in 05 Copper are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any look.

Picking Your Ideal Finish

Beyond colors that flatter your complexion, choosing the right finish is essential to achieving your desired look. There are three primary finishes available:


Matte Finish:

If you prefer a sophisticated and subtle finish or have chapped lips prone to drying out with other formulas matte lip glosses are perfect for you!. KIKO has an extensive range of liquid matte lipstick options in their collection. The Velvet Passion Matte Liquid Lipstick line offers full coverage high pigment shades that last through day-to-night use without budging!

Gloss Finish:

The original go-to finish for glam lovers who want luscious shine, gloss formulas glide over lips effortlessly while providing long-lasting moisture. For those wanting intense shine try out the Ultra Glossy Stylo which is available in several shades including clear (000).

Metallic Finish:

Amp up your shimmer and shine game by adding brilliant metallic hues complete with glitter particles! Metallic finishes not only add a touch of glamour to any look but also provide more depth and dimension than traditional sheer glosses. Try out the KIKO Glitter Metal Lip Gloss in Rose Gold (01) – it’s perfect for adding extra drama to your pout!


The Bottom Line

When it comes to creating a show-stopping look, KIKO lip glosses are an essential addition to any makeup bag. With formulas that offer rich pigment, long-lasting wear, and nourishing ingredients, these versatile glosses can be customized for any occasion or mood. So go ahead and experiment with your favorite shades and finishes – your luscious lips will thank you!

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