How Long Should I Wait Between Sessions of Laser Tattoo Removal?


If you want to get rid of a tattoo you don’t like, time may not be on your side. Even if you want to get rid of a name of an ex-lover or a design you’ve outgrown quickly, your body needs time to heal between laser treatments.

In this article, you’ll learn how laser tattoo removal works and how to choose the best treatment for you.

How to get rid of a tattoo with a laser

A high-intensity beam breaks up the ink or pigment colours that make up a tattoo when a laser is used to get rid of it. What kind of laser is used depends on what colours the laser needs to separate. For each colour, there are different settings for the wavelength.

The laser sends out a wavelength with a lot of energy. The beam is pointed right at the pigment under the skin, so it doesn’t hurt the tissue around it. This is done to make scars less noticeable. Most of the time, a Q-Switched laser is used to get rid of tattoos. Once the area is treated, the body’s immune system starts working to heal it by getting rid of the very small pigment particles.

Depending on the size and colour of the tattoo, it usually takes more than one treatment to get rid of it completely. Treatments are usually spaced out every six weeks.

Even though the treated area may look completely healed after about two weeks, the full healing process takes much longer—usually around six weeks. During this time, the body’s immune system does its job and gets rid of the broken-up ink.

After about six weeks, you can see how each tattoo removal session worked. So, six weeks is usually how long you should wait between sessions. If you go back to the laser before this time, you might overtreat the area, which can hurt the skin.

Choosing a Treatment for Tattoo Removal

When you hear how long it can take to get rid of a tattoo, you might think about other ways to get rid of it, like dermabrasion or chemicals. But these other choices can cause scarring, infections, and other problems, so they are usually not a good idea.

Laser removal, also called laser surgery or rejuvenation, is the best method because it works better than other ways to get rid of hair and gives better results in a safer, more controlled way.


A tattoo is meant to last a lifetime. Laser tattoo removal is a safe way for people who want to get rid of their tattoos to do so, though it does take some time. Most people get laser treatments every six weeks. Each person will need a different number of sessions, which will depend on the colour and size of the tattoo.

A Word From Verywell

When deciding to get a tattoo removed, don’t forget to think about how much it will cost, how long it will take to heal, and if there will be any problems. Find a tattoo removal centre with a good name, and don’t choose a treatment that says it can get rid of your tattoo in just one visit. Rushing through the process can cause a lot of trouble.


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