Dior Lip Oil is a high-end item that is worth the money.


Dewy skin’s best friend is a glossy lip! The Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil is the best at being shiny.

This high-end lip oil works like a gloss and protects your lips while bringing out the colour of your natural lips.

Dior is not a cheap brand, so let’s get down to the details of why this lip gloss is so popular:

This lip oil is very shiny and comes in 10 great colours:

✨000 Universal Clear – Sheer

✨001 Pink – Light Pink

✨004 Coral – Coral

✨006 Berry – Blackcurrant

✨007 Raspberries – Raspberries

✨012 Rosewood – Rosewood

✨015 Cherry – Cherry

✨020 Mahogany – Mahogany

✨030 Bronze Glow – Luminous Bronze

✨031 Peach Glow – Soft Peach

The colour I want to try is 001 Pink. The colour is not very dark, but there is a slight tint to it. I do notice that it makes my lip colour look better! The best thing about this item is that it has a shiny finish. I’ll keep using it to see if, over time, the enhanced natural colour it gives me looks like the shade without having to put it on.

Cherry oil protects the skin barrier of the lips by softening, nourishing, and reviving the lips when it is applied. Dior says it tries to get its materials in a way that is good for nature and communities. Sustainability and ethical sourcing aren’t talked about much in the beauty industry, so it’s great to see brands step up. I will have to do some research to see if their actions match up with what they say.

The gloss feels like oil, but it isn’t greasy or sticky. It’s easy to wear and Dior gives you a lot of ways to use it:

  • by itself!
  • under lipstick to prepare your lips (remove excess before applying lip color)
  • as a lip top coat to make lips look like glass

The applicator is a big wand, which makes it easy to put on all at once. It’s so good that I have to stop myself from using it all the time.

It smells a little bit like mint, which I didn’t expect. I thought it would smell sweet or fruity, but I like the minty smell better.

The Dior Addict Lip Oil is a perfect gloss for anyone who likes a little bit of luxury in their everyday beauty products. I’ll keep it close at hand until it’s gone.

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