13 of MAC’s lipsticks are the best for Indian skin tones


There are as many different shades of Indian skin as there are colours on our flag. Because there are so many colours, it’s hard to find lipsticks that match our skin.

MAC lipsticks are always in style because they are classy, luxurious, and classic. You don’t need to look any further to find the best MAC lipsticks for Indian skin tones.

In addition to keeping your lips soft, these lipsticks give them the right colour and shine.

To help you get there, we’re going to show you some of the best iconic MAC lipsticks that look great on almost all Indian skin tones.

Let’s look at each colour to see what works best for you.

1. MAC Media

11 Best MAC Lipsticks for Medium Skin Tones

The MAC Mixed Media lipstick is one of the best because it is a creamy colour that can be mixed. With its reddish-purple colour, it is sure to stand out. It can be built up to full coverage and has a satiny smooth finish.

It’s easy to blend and has a strong colour. It looks great on the right skin tone by defining your lips perfectly. Also, it keeps your lips moist and lasts long enough that you don’t have to put it on again and again.

2. Russian Red by MAC

What are the best MAC lipsticks? - Quora

Russian Red by MAC is a colour that looks good on a wide range of skin tones. It is a deep red lip colour with blue undertones, which makes it perfect for brown skin. Indian women love to wear red lipstick, and this shade is perfect for those who want to stand out. It also lasts a long time and has a lot of colour, giving you a bold, beautiful look that will last all day.

3. MAC D for Danger

Best MAC Lipstick For Redheads - How to be a Redhead

This unique colour is the perfect mix of pink and red. It makes the lips stand out and adds a bit of colour without making them look overdone. It looks great on all skin tones, especially darker ones. With just one swipe, you’ll look like a real boss all day. It also stays on for a long time and doesn’t rub off, so you can be sure that your lipstick will stay put all day.

4. MAC Sin

MAC Captive Satin Lipstick Review, Swatches

Sin by MAC is one of those perfect reds that look good on all skin tones. We love it because of this! This is a beautiful lip colour that goes well with olive and dark skin tones. You only need one swipe of this gorgeous colour to add a touch of glamour to your look. This rich, reddish plum MAC lipstick is beautifully pigmented and goes on smoothly, giving your lips a beautiful, velvety finish. It’s one of those lipsticks that almost everyone can wear well.

5. MAC Ruby Wong

$1 Cheap DUPE for MAC * STONE * Lipstick / Lipliner đź’„ + SWATCH! - YouTube

Ruby Woo is a great lip colour for people with medium skin. It’s a beautiful medium red with well-balanced undertones that looks good on all lip colours. It’s one of the best-selling shades in the MAC Retro Matte lipstick line. Ruby Woo is a favourite among Indian women because it looks great on medium skin tones. It is neither too light nor too dark, and the finish is beautiful. Ruby Woo is a great choice if you want a lipstick that will make your lips look their best.

6. MAC Antique Velvet

MAC Antique Velvet Lipstick // The Matte Lip Collection 2015

Every girl knows that MAC Cosmetics makes some of the best brown lipsticks on the market. Antique Velvet by MAC is a beautiful classic lipstick. It’s the perfect blend of red and brown, lasts a long time, and doesn’t run, feather, or settle into fine lines. It’s a versatile colour that goes well with both formal and casual clothes, like jeans. If you want to look glamorous and ready to take on the world with your makeup, MAC Antique Velvet is the perfect shade for you!

7. MAC Flat Out Fabulous

Back to MAC Haul! Flat Out Fabulous - YouTube

Flat Out Fabulous makes your face look so much better and more natural. This elegant shade of pink looks great on lighter skin tones, and it feels great on the lips. It’s bright enough that you can find a shade that goes well with your skin, and it’s not as strong as purple lipstick. This pink lipstick will make your lips stand out because it has a slight sheen. It won’t dry out your lips. It lasts for a long time and looks great for a long time.

8. MAC Mehr

REVIEW | MAC Mehr Lipstick - LilyLike Blog

If you want a brownish pink colour that looks good on almost all Indian skin tones, MAC Mehr is a good choice. This MAC lipstick colour has a matte finish and a formula that makes it last all day, making it perfect for a seductive look that will last all day. It has a beautiful pink colour with brown undertones and a soft texture that makes it glide beautifully on lips. It’s a great everyday shade because it’s neither too dark nor too light. It goes with a lot of different looks.

9. Relentlessly Red by MAC

mac relentlessly red

It’s a deep, dark red that will give you that sultry look you want. It’s a great colour for anyone who wants to stand out and make a statement. The MAC shade is on the warmer side, so it looks great on people with warm skin. This lipstick is also great because it is matte, so it won’t make your lips feel oily or shiny. Also, it stays on all day, so you don’t have to worry about it fading or wearing off..

10. MAC Diva

Diva Lipstick Mac

Makeup artists all over the world love MAC Diva, and it looks great on medium to dark skin tones. Diva is a unique alternative to the purple tones of the original MAC lipsticks. It has brown, red, and a little mauve in it. With just one stroke, you can get a beautiful, professional look that you can wear every day. But MAC Diva is a great lipstick for all skin tones, not just those with brown skin. It goes with a lot of things and makes you look great every time you wear it.

11. MAC Rebel

Review & Swatch] MAC Rebel lipstick - Best MAC berry lipstick 2021 |  BeauUp.com

Rebel from MAC has something for every skin tone and goes well with any eye colour. The lipstick makes the lips look soft and gives them a shiny look. The warm plum colour of MAC Rebel lipstick looks great on the lips. The creamy texture of the lipstick makes your lips look fuller and plumper, and the slight sheen makes them look even better. The lipstick is smooth and creamy, so it’s easy to put on.

12. Girl About Town by MAC

12 Shades MAC Lipsticks For Indian Skin Tone

A beautiful dark, creamy fuchsia with a finish that gives medium coverage. The satin finish lipstick makes the natural lip colour look like it was just kissed, giving the lips a little more oomph.

Girl About Town by MAC has a smooth, creamy texture that is easy to use and builds. There are many lipsticks on the market, but not all of them look good on people with darker skin. This colour looks good on most skin tones. It’s great for going out at night, but you can also wear it during the day. The colour looks good on many different skin tones.

13. MAC Mocha

Mac Mocha Flash Sales, SAVE 58%.

MAC Mocha is a warm, peachy brown lipstick that will make your natural skin tone stand out. It has a lot of colour, so you only need a thin layer to look good. It’s a beautiful colour that can be worn every day and looks great on its own or with a smokey eye. It also lasts a long time, so you don’t have to worry about it fading or getting smudged. Even though the colour looks best on fair to medium tanned skin, it also looks good on warm skin tones.

How to Choose the Best Lipstick for Indian Skin

10 Best Lipstick Shades For Your Dusky Skin - WomenXO

Indian skin is very beautiful. Because the skin is already tanned, it can easily take on most shades. But some colours look good on certain skin tones, so here’s how to choose them:

Think about how your skin looks. If you have fair skin, you should choose a light pink or beige lipstick. Choose coral or mauve if your skin tone is in the middle. If you have dark skin, try a brighter colour like red or plum. Lipsticks that are too light or too dark are a no-no.

Choose the type of finish you want. Matte lipsticks are best for looking natural. If you want to look glamorous, choose something with a glossy or shimmery finish. Also, avoid finishes with a lot of shimmer or sparkles because they can make your lips look oily and make it look like your lipstick is working.

Choose a lipstick that feels good on your lips and won’t make them dry. Look for one that has moisturising ingredients like shea butter or vitamin E, which are found in lip balms.

Last thing to say

So, that was our list of some of the most famous MAC lipsticks that people in India love. This list of the best MAC lipsticks for Indian skin has something for everyone, from neutrals to pinks to reds. We hope it gave you enough options to find the right lipstick colour for your skin. So, take the plunge and buy a new lipstick—your perfect match is out there.

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