Five things you should know about the adidas Deerupt


1. WHERE THE WEB CAME FROM “Dellinger Web” is the name of the striking grid pattern that runs across the whole silhouette. William Dellinger, a three-time Olympian and 5,000-meter runner, came up with it. It is used to strengthen the midsole. The nylon web softly absorbs impact shock and spreads […]

The new Coachies bags are all about expressing yourself.


Coach’s new limited-edition fall 2022 collection is called Coachies, and it includes these cute and stylish characters. Dreamie, Sparkie, Sweetie, Winkie, and Groovie are here to take your look to the next level. Campaign for Coach handbags These Coachies are part of a unique line of Rogue 25 bags made […]

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