How to Get a Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation


Are you looking to boost your confidence and gain a new sense of femininity? Most women go under the knife to alter one of their most impactful assets – their breasts. Among that category, the most popular is increasing the cup size of a patient. That tops the second most […]

Why do people like round beds so much?


Most people think of the round revolving bed from the Austin Powers movie when they hear the word “round bed.” Many people liked the movie’s slapstick comedy and weird props, but if you look at the bed, it was a sleeper Lazy Susan. After that, it’s no longer a surprise […]

How to figure out what your Waltham watch is worth


If you like pocket watches, you probably already know that some of them could be good investments. The Waltham Watch Company’s precise engineering and fine craftsmanship made a big difference in the world of old pocket watches. If you have a Waltham watch and it is in perfect condition, you […]

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