The new Coachies bags are all about expressing yourself.


Coach’s new limited-edition fall 2022 collection is called Coachies, and it includes these cute and stylish characters. Dreamie, Sparkie, Sweetie, Winkie, and Groovie are here to take your look to the next level. Campaign for Coach handbags These Coachies are part of a unique line of Rogue 25 bags made […]

How do lasers get rid of tattoos?


How do tattoos get made? Are they really going to last? Let’s start by taking a look at how tattoos are made. To make a tattoo, ink is injected into the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin. The epidermis, the top layer of skin, is always shedding cells […]

Peekaboo Braid: How to Do It


You’ll need these: 1. Comb 2. Hair ties that are clear 3. Silver alligator clip 4. Hairspray 1. Use a comb to make a side part. Then, separate your hair into three parts by making a part on the left and right sides of your head, right where your ears […]

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