I tried this $199 LED face mask that looked scary. It was terrible.



  • There are a lot of options for light and brightness
  • Attachment for face and neck for full coverage
  • Electrodes were also there.


  • Heavy and badly made
  • Possible long-term effects on health
  • Sparks when the mask is plugged in
  • Lack of comfort or ease of use when using the mask

Even though LED masks are pricey, celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Julia Roberts, and Kate Hudson swear by them. With a 55% discount and an extra 15% Prime coupon, I was able to get a $199.99 salon-quality face and neck LED mask for $83 (including tax).

When I was in college, I went to a friend’s dorm room and saw a mask like this one on her desk. This was the first time I had seen this kind of technology. When I asked if it was left over from a Halloween costume, she laughed and said it was an LED face mask. Every night, she used it. You could change the colour to match your skin problem, such as acne, fine lines, or wrinkles. She said that it cost a lot but was worth it.

Even though I was interested at the time, I didn’t buy an LED mask. It was just too expensive, and I was afraid it wouldn’t work for me, or even worse, that it would burn or hurt my skin.

Let’s find out what happened when I got over my fears and bought one.


Here are all of the wavelengths of light that come with the mask and the health benefits that are thought to come from them.

Cyan (490nm) Eases skin irritation, soothing
Red (630nm) Increases blood circulation and collagen production and helps melasma
Yellow (590nm) Smoothens skin and reduces redness
Green (520nm) Improves hyperpigmentation, reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Blue (470nm) Calms and tightens skin
Purple (390nm) Relaxing and improves lymph metabolism
White (mix) Relaxing and restoring


I didn’t want to use this mask, and that’s putting it mildly.

It came in a pretty gift box, so I was excited to open it. When I did, I saw what looked like a mannequin’s face that had been taken off.

It was big and heavy, and I thought there were screws sticking out of the back. When I tried on the mask without the lights, the screws hurt my face because they were too close together. I undid the mask’s elastic strap, which fixed the problem while I was sitting up straight.

I tried to plug in the mask, but the sparks that came out of the plug scared me a little. Every time I used the mask, I ran into the same problem.


On Monday, I put the mask on. I chose red because I need as much blood flow and collagen as I can get, and I set the intensity of the light to 3 out of 9.

I saw that the remote control said “Facial Whitening Instrument,” which made me a little worried. I didn’t sign up for that. I like the colour of my skin the way it is.

I wore the mask for 15 minutes on the first day. The light wasn’t hot or uncomfortable, but even when I was lying down, the mask was heavy. I felt like the mask was balancing on my eyes, which I covered almost completely with cotton pads. When I took off the mask, my nose had red marks on it.

On the plus side, when I pulled the mask out to see how much time was left, it unplugged a few times. When I plugged it back in, it remembered how much time was left. I liked what you said. And my sister told me I had nice skin, which made me happy.

On the second day, I found out that what I thought were the rubber ends of screws on the back of the mask were actually electric stimulators that send small, repeated electric shocks to the face. I put the little bolts that came with this thing together to see how it worked. When I saw what I had done, I decided no, I’m not going to mess with electrodes. My skin is already firm enough, so I’ll just use LED light.

When I plugged in the mask again, there were sparks. The pressure was pretty strong around my brow bone. To feel better, I had to lift the mask up through the eye holes.

After wearing the mask, I did get a pimple on my neck the first day and one above my eyebrow the second day. This was strange. I was also learning more about how harmful LED light can be, and I didn’t want to keep exposing my skin to such a concentrated burst of light.

The last straw was how I felt about putting on the mask every day. Self-care and taking care of your skin should make you feel good, but the weight of this mask made me feel bad. After I used this mask for the second time, I cleaned it, put it back in the box it came in, and sent it back.


When I think about how I feel about skin care, I can only think of one word: joy. I take care of my skin in a certain way not to punish myself but to treat myself. When I massage a product into my face, wash my face after a hard day of work, or put on a mask, I feel better about who I am. I’m thankful for everything about myself.

This product took that self-awareness and made it feel bad. Almost every second I wore the mask, I had to squeeze my eyes shut, which made me feel tense. The mask was too heavy, and when I plugged it in, there were scary sparks.

Self-care begins with how you feel and gets better with each step you take. I think it’s important to enjoy the process as well as the results. Even if you told me that if I used this mask every day, I would end up with baby skin, I would still return it because I didn’t like using it every day.

Options to think about

Good skin care can do everything an LED mask can do and make you feel better while doing it. I use the following alternatives, so I can say that they work.

Kora Organics uses ingredients that are certified organic and have more antioxidants than ingredients that are not organic. This product has turmeric (to get rid of dark spots), aspen bark (to help skin grow back), and peppermint (for freshness). This is probably the most expensive exfoliant I’ve ever used, but the Prime Day sale helped a lot. I rub it on in little circles and let it sit for about 15 minutes every time I use it. This facial is refreshing and has a list of ingredients you can trust.

Glossier is all about making the best of what you already have with high-quality, inexpensive products. I’ve bought their hydrating moon mask six times and also bought one for my mom. It’s a soft, creamy mask that goes on clear and keeps my skin moist. It has honey, aloe, licorice root, lemon fruit extract, and hyaluronic acid in it. And when you put it on, it feels so good!

This one is more about skin care technology. A facial steamer might be a good buy if you want a deep clean and a facial experience more like what you would get at a salon. I bought one and used it, and it does open pores so you can clean more deeply. After that, serums and moisturisers go on so well.


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