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Elgin pocket watches are still very popular in the antique and vintage watch market. This means that rare and authentic Elgin pocket watches are worth a lot of money and are expensive to own, whether you are a watch fan or a collector. The craftsmanship, finishes, jewelled movements, high-quality materials, and intricate designs of these one-of-a-kind timepieces are all top-notch.

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Why Did Everyone Wear Elgin Pocket Watches?

The Elgin pocket watch was not only stylish and new, but it was also made to be cheaper than other vintage watches when it was first made. Part of what made the Elgin pocket watch value so high was the unique craftsmanship and mass production of high-quality pocket watches that used machine-made interchangeable parts for repairs that didn’t need to be done by hand. Elgin’s brilliant idea also made it possible for more people to buy watches because they were easier to get and cheaper, which made this pocket watch very popular in its day.

Why buy and collect Elgin pocket watches?

A watch like this can be a luxurious addition to a person’s wardrobe, a prized piece of jewelry, a fine example of technology, or a work of art.

Today, they are some of the most popular and most wanted, and collectors love them. Depending on the model, age, design, and quality, the more expensive and rare ones could cost well into the thousands of dollars.

Even though they aren’t as valuable as vintage Swiss watches, high-quality Elgin watches still sell for a few thousand dollars and are a great (and fashionable) way to add a “splash” of vintage to a modern wardrobe. The craftsmanship and history of these pocket watches set them apart.

Was Elgin the most important company that made pocket watches?

Up until 1968, the Elgin National Watch Company made more watches than any other company in the world. In that time, about 60 million pieces were made. The fact that the unique Elgin pocket watch is no longer made does, of course, raise the Elgin pocket watch value.

The First Elgin Watch Ever

The first Elgin piece was made in 1867. It was a watch for railroad workers that could even be set to the weather. Even though the price was low at first, the City of Elgin ended up buying the watch for $15,000.

What’s the value of an Elgin pocket watch?

Between $200 and $5,000 is the price range for a Railroad Elgin pocket watch. It depends on when it was made, what materials were used, and how important the model is. They were beautifully made to meet the standards of the railroad industry and kept the most accurate time. This made sure that the trains ran on time and arrived exactly when they were supposed to.

Are Elgin Pocket Watches Rare?

High-quality Elgin pocket watches that are good investments are hard to find, and the line of Elgin watches is now finished. After the first and second world wars, Elgin had to compete with cheaper watches made in the United States and other countries. To make up for it, they started selling wedding rings, decorative clocks, and transistor radios. Elgin had to give up the watchmaking side of the business, and they stopped making watches in 1970.

Do pocket watches made by Elgin still work?

Even today, most Elgin pocket watches are still in good shape and can be used. This not only increases the value of an Elgin pocket watch, but it also shows how well-made the company’s products are.

What was the Elgin National Watch Company’s Observatory?

This historic two-story building, which was built in 1910 on less than an acre, is just two blocks west of the Company. Its job was to give time information that was accurate to within a tenth of a second.

The Lady and the Tiger is one of Elgin’s best works of art.

This watch came out in the 1920s and is fancy, exotic, and different. The engraving on the top of the case is of a tiger, and the engraving on the bottom is of a silhouette of a woman. Both are decorated with swirls. The case is made of 14-carat yellow gold, and the hands on the dial are easy to recognize. This watch from the 1920s might go for anywhere from $2,500 to over $10,000 at an auction.

Can you still buy pocket watches made by Elgin?

You can still buy Elgin pocket watches, and you can do so at reasonable prices. Here are just a few examples of great, rare Elgin pocket watches that still work and are well worth the amount of money they were sold for as collector’s items:

Vintage Pocket Watch 14Kt Yellow Gold with White Porcelain Enamel for $4,995.00

1940’s RARE 14K Gold Masonic Pocket Watch with a 14K Gold Fob Chain – $5,000.00

Solid 14K Gold 21J Pocket Watch -Rare for $5,299.99

14K Antique 17-Jewel Full Hunter Pocket Watch, Multi-Color Gold, for $3,749.99

1911 Antique Elgin 17J 16S Pocket Watch 14K Gold Case for $1,499.99

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