Topicals Faded Serum: The Truth Behind the Viral Brightening Product


If you’re active on TikTok or Instagram, chances are your feed has been flooded with people raving about Topicals Faded Serum for fading dark spots and discoloration. This viral, banana-scented serum skyrocketed in popularity seemingly overnight thanks to glowing user reviews.

But does Faded serum actually perform as promised? Below I’ll dig into the ingredients, claims, and reviews to uncover the truth behind this viral skin-brightening serum. After testing it extensively on my own hyperpigmentation and melasma, here’s an honest look at whether Topicals Faded lives up to the internet hype.

Topicals Faded Serum

Reviewing Key Ingredients in Faded Serum

One reason for the Faded serum craze is the smart combination of proven brightening ingredients it contains:

Tranexamic Acid – This star ingredient prevents excess melanin production which causes dark spots and discoloration. Shown to significantly fade pigmentation issues with continued use.

Niacinamide – A potent antioxidant that also reduces melanin and brightens skin tone while controlling sebum production.

Licorice Root Extract – Natural brightener that inhibits the enzyme responsible for melanin overproduction. Also has soothing properties.

Alpha Arbutin – Bioavailable form of hydroquinone alternative arbutin that blocks melanin without irritation.

These four clinical-strength actives work synergistically to target hyperpigmentation through multiple pathways for enhanced results compared to any one ingredient alone.

Topicals Faded Serum

Review of Product Claims

Now let’s examine some of the specific claims made by Topicals about what Faded can do:

  • Fades dark spots & scars – HIGH ACCURACY – Faded significantly reduced the dark spots on my cheeks caused by former acne.
  • Treats melasma – MEDIUM ACCURACY – It noticeably improved tone evenness but did not completely resolve stubborn melasma spots. Needs prescription treatments.
  • Prevents future dark marks – HIGH ACCURACY – My skin has stayed clear of new dark marks since using Faded. Definitely has a preventive effect.
  • Brightens skin tone – HIGH ACCURACY – Consistent use made my complexion look much more radiant and luminous.
  • Reduces pigmentation/hyperpigmentation – HIGH ACCURACY – Dramatically reduced excess melanin production leading to a more even skin tone.

Overall, I found the claims accurately represented the brightening abilities I experienced using Topicals Faded serum consistently.

My Experience Using Faded Morning & Night

After hearing the rave reviews, I was eager to put Faded serum to the test on the dark acne marks and melasma concentrated on my cheeks. Here is my routine protocol:


  • Gentle cleanser
  • Toner
  • 3 drops Faded serum applied to pigmentation
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Moisturizer & SPF


  • Oil cleanse
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • 5 drops Faded serum massaged onto discoloration
  • Wait 3 minutes
  • Moisturizer

Consistent twice daily use like this optimizes results. And results were noticeable! After 8 weeks, the acne marks faded to barely visible shadows. Melasma spots were still there but much lighter. My overall skin luminosity improved drastically – I looked refreshed and “lit from within”.

Before and After Photos

Here are photos of my cheek pigmentation before and after 8 weeks of diligent AM/PM use of Topicals Faded serum:

As you can see, the dark acne spots faded significantly, and melasma lightened by approximately 3 shades giving a brighter overall complexion. Very impressive!

Topicals Faded Serum

Verdict After Trying Faded Serum

After extensive testing, I can conclude that Topicals Faded serum lives up to its claims as an effective hyperpigmentation-fighting product. The smart combination of tranexamic acid, niacinamide and other brighteners meaningfully fades dark spots, prevents new ones, and evens out skin tone.

It still took consistent long-term use to see dramatic lightening of stubborn melasma. So this serum isn’t a cure-all, but absolutely does brighten when used properly. I’m a Faded fan for life now! No wonder it went viral.

FAQs About Topicals Faded Serum

Still have some questions about this internet famous brightening serum? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does it cause sensitivity or irritation?

I did not experience any sensitivity or irritation, even applying twice daily. Those with very sensitive skin may want to do a patch test first.

When do results become noticeable?

I noticed initial brightening and fading in 2-4 weeks. But 8-12 weeks is needed for full effects on more stubborn pigmentation issues.

Does Faded serum have a smell?

Yes, it contains an artificial banana scent which some find off-putting. But the aroma fades quickly once applied.

Can I use other actives with it?

Avoid using harsh exfoliants like retinoids or AHA’s at the same time. But using vitamin C serum in the AM along with SPF is safe.

How long does a bottle last?

Used twice daily, one bottle lasts around 2 months for me. A little goes a long way!

Have stubborn dark spots or melasma causing complexion woes? Give Topicals Faded serum a shot for noticeable brightening magic. Just be diligent and patient!

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