What would you wear with a pair of Rhinestone Heels?


They shine brighter than the Hope Diamond on your fairy tale wedding day, but rhinestone heels are often dismissed as bright and gaudy. In reality, they’re sophisticated and can be very elegant depending on what you pair them with.

Trends come and go, but there are classic styles that always look good no matter what the season is. Rhinestone heel are one of those styles that will always be in fashion! They may seem like a hard to pull off trend due to their boldness, but it’s actually quite easy to do once you know how. Here are some examples of how to wear these statement-making shoes.

1. The best thing to do is match your outfit to the heel and not vice versa. This will ensure that even though your heels are statement-making, they won’t be stealing all the attention from the rest of your outfit. So for example, if you’re wearing a dress and strappy sandals, go for an open toe design so that your toes can peek out and blend in flawlessly with the rest of your ensemble. Or, if you prefer to keep it classic, try wearing ballet flats or pumps with a peep toe to highlight those shimmery blingy shoes! Try matching either gold or silver accessories as well as this adds a nice touch to any outfit.

2. Stick to a neutral colour palette from head to toe so that the eye will be drawn straight to those heels. Wear a matching colour dress or top and bottom, but feel free to play around with prints as long as they are similar toned-down colours. For example, if you decide on a white dress wear nude shoes or even black pumps instead of strappy metallic heels. You can also try other stone embellishments like Onyx stones for a more natural look.

3. If you’re going for a very casual look, pair it with denim shorts and tee-shirt/ basic tee combo for an easy breezy summer day. Throw on those blingy heels and you’ll be set to stroll around the city with the best of them.

4. If you’re looking to turn up the heat, go for dark shades like black and plums, browns and oranges. These hues will make your metallic shoes stand out against any outfit- giving it a fun bold look that’s sure to impress. Stay away from lighter colours like beiges or charcoals as these tend to blend in with most outfits rather than pop out at the eye.

5. For those who want something more classy, opt for faded bohemian-inspired dresses or skirts paired with strappy suede heels accented with gold buckles or chains for an effortlessly elegant vibe. A shawl can also help elevate this outfit if it’s a bit too warm for your liking (for those living in tropical regions).

6. Finally if you’re someone who can pull off anything, don’t hold back! Try out all of the different styles mentioned above and find what works best for you! Switch things up every now and then so that your heels don’t become too boring- after all variety is the spice of life.

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