Why do people like round beds so much?


Most people think of the round revolving bed from the Austin Powers movie when they hear the word “round bed.” Many people liked the movie’s slapstick comedy and weird props, but if you look at the bed, it was a sleeper Lazy Susan.

After that, it’s no longer a surprise in fancy hotel rooms or Hollywood comedies. In furniture stores, especially ones that sell Italian furniture, there are many different models to choose from. The headboards are simple and made of leather. The linens are custom-fitted, and you can choose whether or not to get the side pieces. The beds also come with nightstands and foot-beds.

Round Beds Are a Niche Market

This is a niche piece of bedroom furniture that you can find in certain furniture stores. It is best for large rooms and high-end bedrooms. People think the design of the bed is cool, and it can have different themes. For example, mid-century fans find themes that they like, and decorators try to make them fit in a small space.

There are some design benefits to this unusual shape that aren’t just sexy. A person who bought one of these beds for her vacation home says that, unlike straight-shaped beds, it gives you a lot more room to put things on it.

How Big Are Round Beds?

In terms of size, the diameter and length of this bed are the same as a California king size bed. Some even have mattresses that can be turned around so that you can see your whole room. This bed is near boudoirs, multiple windows, fireplaces, and plasma TVs, so it’s in a good spot. The edges of the bed are rounded, so it doesn’t take up much room on the floor. But when it comes to accessories, there are extra costs for a round mattress and for fitted sheets, which many people prefer. No matter how it looks or what size it is, it will only fit in a standard-sized room if it is a california king or king. And you can choose between a california king and a king depending on a number of factors.


Since round beds aren’t as common as other types of beds, not many big-box furniture stores sell them. Beds with this design can cost up to $10,000 from Italian companies like Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, and Prealpi.

Even though these prices are high for most people, cheaper versions are more popular for kids’ bedrooms. A company in Chicago called Global Furniture makes a round bed called Sercio. The headboard is curved and made of mirrors. The base is lit up, and there are rope lights that are hidden. About $3500 will get you this bed. The size of the mattress is seven feet across.

IKEA has a similar design called the Sultan Sandane. It has a simple frame with a round mattress and is made of wood. This option from IKEA is much cheaper than the Sercio bed, which costs four times as much.

Varied Designs

This is another thing that adds to the luxury of round beds. People who have big homes and spend a lot on decorations are more likely to choose round beds with unique features. These include a design that rotates, a bed for guests, or just a high-end choice for the master bedroom.

The revolving bed is fun for many people, and it makes it easier to look out the window or watch TV. Some people even find it to be a time to think. For example, a circular water mattress can be put in a fibreglass pod bed that is shaped like a round bed. You can add things like a sound system and LED lights to make it your own. Many people think that the design of this bed is a sign of the future, like Space Age or designs that look like they came right out of the 1960s.

There are designs for kids that are fun, like those from comic books. These are bright and could also be worn in a campy, casual way. Decor experts say that these beds are usually in the middle of a room and can have lights hanging from the top. A TV room or guest room can also look great with a round bed. With lots of pillows, they can also be great places to relax.

Many hotels and resorts also have circular beds that look like gimmicks because they are made of water. In the John Wayne suite at the Culver Hotel in Culver City, there is a famous bed like this.

Another well-known design is “Lullaby,” which was made with ideas from the late 1960s. It has a motorised revolving design with an elegant, tufted leather headboard and matching ottomans and tables. This is a set that Luigi Massoni made especially for the furniture company Poltrona Frau. The company also brought back a design called Lullaby Due that was similar. This bed is taller and has a slight curve to it. The headboard is half-circle-shaped. It goes with Prealpi Histoire D’O and has curved nightstands that fit against a room corner and a flat wall. Cappellini also has a round bed with an open-shelf trolley table on wheels that can be used as a footboard or a nightstand, depending on where you want it to go.

When the beds are stripped of their glitz, they look like the simple Zen designs of many modern platform beds. Most round beds aren’t as big as king size beds, but they could fit two people who like to cuddle. Both male and female buyers like this design of bed about the same amount.

Who Picks a Bed That’s Round?

This design was chosen more because it is different than because it is better at doing anything. The round beds can be just as comfortable as rectangular ones. Customers choose it more because of how it looks, especially since there are different ways to make this bed. People often feel calmer when they see a round bed in the middle of a room. That can help people get a good night’s sleep by giving them a Zen-like experience. The fun designs make it easy to decorate a child’s room or a guest room with this kind of bed. There are also a number of high-end options. A round bed also gives you room to add colorful pillows and other bedding accessories to make it look more interesting.

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