How to Accentuate Your Waist and Curves with Wrap Dresses, Belts, and Peplum Tops


Three key pieces that work wonders for this body type are wrap dresses, belts, and peplum tops.

When it comes to dressing for an overweight hourglass figure, finding clothing that flatters your shape can be a challenge. However, by incorporating certain style choices into your wardrobe, you can accentuate your waist and curves beautifully. Three key pieces that work wonders for this body type are wrap dresses, belts, and peplum tops.

The Magic of Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are incredibly versatile garments that do wonders for highlighting the hourglass figure. The wrap design cinches in at the waist while accentuating the bust and hips in all the right places.

Wrap Dresses

To make sure you choose a wrap dress suitable for your body type:

  • Opt for a V-neck: V-necklines elongate the neck area while drawing attention towards the bust region. This helps balance out wider hips often associated with an hourglass shape.
  • Select fabrics wisely: Look for fabrics that drape nicely over your curves without clinging too tightly or adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Mindful length: Choose a dress length that suits your height – midi or knee-length options tend to work well on most figures.
  • Accessorize thoughtfully: Pair your wrap dress with a statement belt to further enhance your waistline and create an even more pronounced hourglass silhouette.

The Power of Belts

Belts are an essential accessory for any woman looking to emphasize her waist and curves. They work wonders in balancing out proportions and creating definition where needed. When selecting belts for an overweight hourglass figure, consider the following tips:

Wrap Dresses

  1. Choose wider belts: Wide belts draw attention to the waist while providing structure and definition. Opt for belts that are at least two inches wide for optimal results.
  2. Create contrast: Select a belt color that contrasts nicely with your outfit, allowing it to stand out and draw attention where you want it – on your beautiful curves!
  3. Elevate high-waisted bottoms: If you’re wearing high-waisted pants or skirts, adding a belt will help accentuate the natural curve of your waistline, giving you an enviable silhouette.

The Elegance of Peplum Tops

If there’s one style trend that beautifully emphasizes the hourglass figure, it’s peplum tops. These tops feature flared fabric around the waist area, drawing attention to the narrowest part of your body while elegantly skimming over any lower belly concerns. Here’s how to make peplum tops work for you:

Wrap Dresses

  • Select well-fitting options: Avoid oversized or ill-fitting peplum tops as they may add unnecessary bulk around the midsection which can be unflattering on curvier figures.
  • Mindful fabric choices: Opt for fabrics that have a bit of structure to maintain the peplum’s shape while gracefully hugging your curves. Avoid fabrics that cling too tightly or are overly stiff.
  • Pair with fitted bottoms: To balance out the volume on top, pair your peplum top with well-fitted bottoms like skinny jeans or pencil skirts. This combination will create a harmonious look and accentuate your waist even more.

Remember, dressing for an overweight hourglass figure is all about embracing and enhancing your natural proportions. Wrap dresses, belts, and peplum tops are just some of the many options available to accentuate your waist and curves beautifully. By selecting clothing pieces that highlight your best features while adding personal style touches, you’ll feel confident and empowered in any outfit!

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